Top 5 tips for finding temporary workspaces

Finding a temporary workspace when you need one can be tricky. Tom Merritt lists five ways to help make the process easier.

Top 5 tips for for finding temporary workspaces

Whether you're traveling or just a work-from-home sort, sometimes you need to find a temporary workspace, and that coffee shop chain is full. Here are five ways to help you find workspaces.

  1. Rent by the month: The big name in this space is WeWork with monthly and annual membership options. You might also look at Croissant, which has competitive memberships in a few dozen cities. 
  2. If you don't want to commit to a membership: LiquidSpace has open-plan desks, private offices, and meeting rooms in hundreds of US cities. And ShareDesk offers the same at 4,500 locations in 440 cities.
  3. If you need to take a meeting: Breather rents out meeting pods, conference rooms, and seminar space by the hour or the day in a few cities across North America. You can even add amenities like a projector or webcam.
  4. Need the workspace to be free? Work Hard Anywhere helps you find public spaces like coffee shops and libraries with good Wi-Fi and plentiful power outlets. 
  5. Treat yourself: Work by a pool. Daycation gets you a day pass or even a cabana at resorts in a few locations in the Eastern US and Caribbean. Or Recharge lets you get a  luxury hotel room by the hour. 

Whether it's a way to be more productive on the road or a way to be more productive while floating in a pool, these tips should get you headed to a workspace that works.

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