AI is a buzzword but there is a nugget of reality behind it. Real AI is a helpful tool in analyzing data and can definitely fit into your business somewhere.

Here five tips for using AI in your business:

1. Keep your expectations moderate.

You shouldn’t resist AI because the things it can do can really help your business. But don’t expect it to solve all your problems. AI and particularly machine learning gets smarter the more its used. So be patient.

2. Measure it.

Like any other contributing factor to your business you need to have an indicator of success. Don’t just “get AI.” Identify where AI can help you achieve your goals and implement it to do that.

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3. You still need people.

AI needs developers and they need to be developers that understand how AI really works and how it impacts security. Hire or train people to think about how to train AI and how to defend against it too.

4. Use the tools out there.

You don’t need to develop a whole platform yourself. Google, Amazon, Facebook, and others are falling all over each other to master the platform. Use their APIs and platforms and choose them the way you do your cloud services.

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5. Plan for the impact.

Using AI may or may not shift jobs around in your company or even eliminate some. It most definitely may try to use data in unanticipated ways. Make sure you anticipate that and head off any embarrassing, or even troubling, privacy implications or employment crises.

See? AI can be really helpful. And while we need to take its disruptive effects seriously engaging and implementing it on reasonable terms is one of the best ways to make sure it does more good than harm. I promise that to you as a real human.

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