Trello review

Rating: 4.5/5

Starting price: $5 per user per month

Key features:

  • Highly customizable.
  • Wide variety of integrations.
  • Excellent Kanban boards.

There’s no limit to the wide array of project management solutions out there. Finding the one that suits your team the best, in terms of features. Our Trello review takes an in-depth look at this project management software, its features and what it provides to project managers.

Trello is a well-known software rich with features and customization options. We’ll highlight the pros and cons of Trello from its pricing to user interface. There will also be alternatives provided for managers looking for something that better fits their team’s workflow and project management style.

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What is Trello?

Trello is a well-known project management software with a simple, visual approach to project management. The software offers lists, boards and cards to help team members easily organize and prioritize tasks.

Hands-on Trello review results

This is our evaluation of Trello’s features and ease of use as project management software.

Ease of use5/5
Service and support3.3/5

Trello pricing

Score: 4.4/5

Pricing PlanCost/month (per user, billed monthly)Cost/month (per user, billed annually)
Enterprise-$17.50 (for 50-250 users)


The Free plan of Trello has unlimited cards, 10 boards per workspace, unlimited use of integrations such as Google Drive and Confluence Cloud. Users have unlimited storage, 250 Workspace commands, assignee and due dates, and 2-factor authentication.


The Standard plan of Trello comes with everything included in the Free plan, along with unlimited boards, advanced checklists, custom fields and 1,000 Workspace commands. Your unlimited storage is increased from 10MB/file to 250MB/file. Users also receive single board guests and saved searches.


Premium plans for Trello come with multiple views of calendars, timelines, tables, maps and dashboards. Users have unlimited command runs in their workspace and access to admin and security features. Team organization is made more dynamic, allowing you to add observers to the workspace.


Enterprise plans provide unlimited workspaces with all features and organization-wide permissions. You can have multi-board guests, add permissions to attachments and receive free SSO and user provisioning through Atlassian Access.

Core Trello features

Score: 4.8/5

With a strong emphasis on visuals, Trello offers several visual-based tools and core features that make it incredibly easy to use.


Trello’s most notable feature is its visual dashboards. They provide insights into your team’s work and give an overview of what’s going on with your projects. You can customize dashboards visually and operationally to prioritize work and manage tasks more easily.

Time tracking

Trello doesn’t natively have time-tracking but it is possible to track time through work logs. Work logs allow you to see how long projects are taking and identify potential bottlenecks when it comes to certain processes.


Trello is highly customizable. You can adjust your workspaces and boards based on priority, projects and tasks. To make things easier to identify, it’s possible to color-code categories. You also have the freedom to add attachments to cards to better structure tasks and share them with other team members.

Reporting & analytics

Trello’s reporting and analytics features come through its integrations. The reports can be automated, so you receive them regularly. This gives you up-to-date information on the progress of projects and whether you’re on track towards your goals.

Budget tracking

Through Trello’s templates, you can implement budget tracking into your workflow. By linking cards to financial tools, you’re able to see how the project is impacting your budget and stay up to date on project-related expenses.

Trello ease of use

Score: 5/5

Trello is praised for its ease of use. Even if you aren’t familiar with project management software, the user interface and visuals make Trello easy to adopt for a project workflow. Templates, advanced tools and integrations are all available at a glance for project managers to easily implement at any moment.

Trello customer service and support

Score: 3.3/5

While Trello does offer customer service tools, there are limitations to what they provide and it can be difficult when someone runs into an issue while using the software.

Knowledge base

Trello’s knowledge base gives you a full guide on how to use the software. It teaches you the basics, walks you through creating your first project and onboarding your team. This walkthrough efficiently teaches you the software.


If you can’t find the solution for your issue through its knowledge base, Trello has a community forum. This forum has common questions regarding the software. You can also use it to ask your own questions and get help from other Trello users.

Live support

Trello lacks live support and training features, but you can still send an email for help. If you do run into an issue with Trello, there is a System Status service that allows you to see if your software is currently down or not functioning properly.

Trello pros and cons

Project management with a strong visual component.Missing some built-in features, such as time tracking and reporting
Customizable workflowLacking advanced features
Third-party integrationNo live resources for service
Easy for collaboration and communicationAdvanced features are tied to highest-tier

Best uses for Trello

Based on what we’ve gathered about Trello, here are our best use cases for the software.

Task management

Trello’s visual boards allow you to easily assign tasks to team members and manage projects. You can organize tasks more easily and track a project’s progress.

Content calendar

You can plan and track the progress of content creation through Trello. The application allows you to break content into cards and categorize them by content type, status and date.

Project roadmaps

Trello can be used for project roadmaps in various ways. You can outline tasks, set objectives, milestones and give certain tasks priority. You also have the ability to track progress to ensure the project stays on track.

Trello alternatives and competitors

TrelloNotionMicrosoft ProjectJira
Native Time TrackingNoYesYesYes
Task ManagementYesYesYesYes
Document ManagementYesYesYesYes


The Notion logo.
Image: Notion

While Notion has a steeper learning curve than Trello, it comes with a robust array of features. If you’re looking for feature-rich project management software that can serve as a document hub, collaboration tool and database for resource management, then Notion may be a great alternative for you.

Microsoft Project

Logo for Microsoft Project.
Image: Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project provides users with seamless integration into Microsoft’s suite of products. If team members in your project regularly use Microsoft software, this may be a better alternative for project managers as it allows easy upload, download and sharing of various Microsoft-based files.


Jira Logo
Image: Jira

Jira is a project management software that’s particularly useful for software development. It has features specialized for tracking and managing bugs. While Trello is capable of doing this, users may appreciate the specialized design of Jira for their industry.

Trello review methodology

Our review methodology for Trello involved rating the software on the following criteria: ease of use, product services, features and pricing. We compared these criteria to other popular project management software and evaluated them based on our own and other experience, along with user reviews and testimonials.

The hands-on product demo with Trello was an involved process in which we created a project and workflow following standard setup procedures offered by Trello. We also took advantage of some of the knowledge base resources Trello had to offer. Finally, we took a look at Trello’s more advanced features to accurately evaluate the usefulness of the application across various project types.

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