Help! Our VMware Server is infected with ransomware

TechRepublic member sagilbert47201 has discovered their VMware backup server is infected with ransomware. Can you help this TechRepublic member recover their data?

VMware server infected with ransomeware

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What do you do when you discover your servers are infected with ransomware and trying to recover the data is not working? This is where TechRepublic member sagilbert47201 has found themselves and has turned to the TechRepublic community for assistance in helping them figure out how they can recover their data

TechRepublic member sagilbert47201 writes, "We have a VMware Backup server setup on a Synology. Our Domain Controller got infected and the synology was hooked up directly to the domain controller and looks like it got infected too. 

I have done some research on these .harma files and it looks to be ransomware so the only solution for data recovery would be to restore from a backup. However, the backup was on the Synology that was hooked up directly to the domain controller. I guess I am trying to look for maybe some other solutions on getting the data back?

Thank you for your help!"

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