The mouse is a critical input tool, yet many Mac users merely deploy the standard Apple device. However, the often default solution, Apple’s Magic Mouse 2, hasn’t met with overwhelming reviews.

Hearing I was seeking a larger mouse, a colleague recommended Logitech’s MX Master 2S mouse (Figure A). I’m grateful. I like the model so much I bought two: One for the house and one for the office.

Figure A

Logitech’s Bluetooth mouse connects directly to compatible Macs without needing any dongle or adapter. And the mouse’s physically larger shape better fits my hand, as I suspect is true for others who find it difficult to grasp and manipulate the smaller, more streamlined Apple Magic Mouse 2.

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Make no mistake–the MX Master 2S is not dainty, but I didn’t want a small device. Instead, I sought dongle-free Bluetooth connectivity mated with a better ergonomic fit, and the MX Master 2S mouse delivers (Figure B).

Figure B

Packing six buttons mated to flexible Logitech Options software that enables setting-specific and even custom configurations, the mouse makes it easy to customize specific buttons to perform such actions as open Mission Control, call up Launchpad, and raise and lower audio volume. With a long-lasting battery (I’ve used it almost every day for almost a month and it still has more than a 50% charge), it’s hard to find complaint.

Granted, some have observed Bluetooth connectivity issues mating the MX Master 2S to 2017-model MacBook Pros. I encountered problems Logitech resolved with a software update published July 3, 2018. Both my MX Master 2Ss now work seamlessly with my 2017 MacBook Pro.

In addition to Darkfield high-precision tracking at up to 4,000dpi, a speed-adaptive scroll wheel that needs to be experienced to truly appreciate, a fast-charging battery, and application-specific settings capabilities, the MX Master 2S also supports using the mouse on multiple devices using Logitech Flow. A hardware switch located underneath the mouse permits using the peripheral on up to three computers, and the Logitech Options software assists setting up and configuring the connections across those multiple devices.

Users can connect the MX Master 2S to compatible Bluetooth Macs minus any dongle. Or, users can leverage the included USB adapter to connect to compatible Macs via USB.

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To connect the mouse to a Mac using Bluetooth, you need a Mac running MacOS X 10.10 or later. To connect the MX Master 2S mouse using the USB Unifying Receiver, you need an available standard USB port (USB-C won’t work unless you purchase a third-party dock or adapter) and MacOS X 10.10 or later.

The mouse comes in three colors: Graphite, Midnight Teal, and Light Grey. The Light Grey better matches Apple’s old silver aluminum keyboard, while the Graphite model more closely matches Apple’s Space Gray equipment. The retail price for the MX Master 2S mouse is $99.99.