wrike vs asana project management
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When it comes to selecting project management software, teams have a wide range of options, including Wrike and Asana. Both of these tools are fantastic for managing tasks and projects; however, there are slight differences in each project management solution’s approach and features.

We’ll compare and contrast Wrike and Asana based on features any of the best project management platforms should have built-in. For this comparison, we’ll be looking at the enterprise versions of both Wrike and Asana.

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What is Wrike?

Wrike is a popular project and work management tool from Citrix. The Wrike platform is highly customizable, offering everything from custom workflows to custom dashboards. Wrike’s other key features include real-time project management, end-to-end visibility for all projects and tasks as well as robust security elements.

What is Asana?

Asana is a cloud-based tool for simple task and project management. Asana is known for its ability to enable teams to easily track all aspects of a project, collaborate in real-time and manage their resources.

Head-to-head comparison: Wrike vs. Asana

Task management

Wrike and Asana are excellent tools for managing project tasks, and they’re similar in their approach. For example, both Wrike and Asana enable teams to add tasks, sort tasks by due date, attach files to tasks and set deadlines. Each tool allows teams to add subtasks to subtasks, so breaking down work is simple.

Both Wrike and Asana allow teams to view tasks in the way they see fit. Asana offers several views, including list view and boards. Wrike offers views such as Table view, Gantt chart and Stream view.

A key difference lies in time-tracking capabilities, which is important when managing tasks and resources. Wrike has a built-in time tracking tool. Asana lacks time tracking, so you’ll need to use a third-party integration

Team collaboration

When it comes to managing projects, team collaboration matters. Fortunately, Wrike and Asana are both built for simplified collaboration. Wrike and Asana allow teams to comment on tasks, upload attachments for context and create shared team calendars. Plus, these two project management tools offer more robust collaboration tools such as proofing, which helps keep feedback streamlined.

There are differences between these tools’ collaboration features. For example, with Wrike, teams can edit task descriptions simultaneously via the live editor. Asana does not support this feature.


No two organizations manage projects exactly the same, which is why customization is critical when selecting project management software. Wrike and Asana offer many customizations teams can use to personalize their workspaces.

For example, both project management tools allow teams to build custom workflows. In Asana, teams can use the Workflow Builder, a visual tool for creating automated work processes. In Wrike, teams can use the Automation Engine to do the same.


Wrike and Asana offer a huge library of integrations teams can choose from. Popular integrations for Wrike include Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Gmail, Jira and Slack. Popular integrations for Asana include all of these options as well as Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, Clockwise and Zapier.

Wrike vs. Asana: Features comparison

Project managementYesYes
Team collaborationYesYes
Shared calendarsYesYes
Gantt chartYesYes
Time trackingYesNo
Mobile capabilitiesYesYes


There is only a slight difference in price between Asana Business and Wrike Business. For Asana, teams can expect to pay $24.99/month per user per month; for Wrike, teams can expect to pay $24.80/month per user.

Wrike vs. Asana: Which project management software should you choose?

For teams that value a robust project management tool that still prioritizes simplicity, Asana might be a great choice. For teams experienced in using project management software and need more complex built-in tools like time tracking, Wrike might be the better option.