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In the modern business world, there are all kinds of hacks to help you save time. From Excel tips to time management skills, we all find ways to get ahead. But some things are just too reliable to change: Like the old-fashioned notepad and pen.

Fortunately, you can bring that classic method into the future with help from the SyncPen3: NEWYES Smart Pen. No more jotting down notes and then losing them, wasting paper or accidentally spilling something on them.

SyncPen was successfully funded on Kickstarter as an elegant solution for those who prefer taking paper notes but need the security of a digital backup. This clever pen has a motion-tracking sensor on the inside, turning everything you write into digital text. That way, all of your hand-written notes and doodles can become editable digital files that you can easily amend and share.

SyncPen allows capturing 360º angles of notes and can identify 66 languages to import and translate into English text. You can also synchronously record audio with your notes and store all of your files in an app. Once there, notes are sortable by date, and you can convert them into a variety of formats, from .doc to .pdf to .jpg and more.

In addition, the included LCD writing pad allows you to take notes in different colors and manage your notes even more seamlessly. You can send notes directly as an email to others, invite them to collaborate and work effortlessly in offline mode.

You don’t have to sacrifice convenience when you’re taking notes with a pen. Grab the SyncPen3: NEWYES Smart Pen on sale for 27% off $179 at just $129.99 today.

Prices and availability are subject to change.