SysAdmin Magazine ceases publication

For those of you who don't know, SysAdmin magazine is (or was) a monthly publication specifically targeted at the Linux/Unix system and network administrators.  I have been a subscriber for the past two years and always find something worth reading in each issue; that said, I do find the bulk of articles can be a little academic and quite often overly complex for the task performed.  As a current subscriber, you can imagine my surprise in reading on Slashdot that publication has ceased!  Apparently August will be the last issue and only subscribers with remaining credit on their account have been informed.  A postcard accompanies the August issue: "We regret to inform you that the magazine has ceased publication effective with the August 2007 issue."  The postcard can be returned for a refund on the remaining subscription; otherwise, a CD containing the archives from 1992-present will be dispatched in it's place.  I hope the deadline for international subscribers to apply for a refund is put back as I usually receive my copy of the magazine 1-2 months after U.S. readers, and I had recently renewed for the next two years!

I find it rather curious that the official website makes no mention of this and nor does the CMP Media website.

I wonder if many readers here are/were also subscribers of SysAdmin?