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" instead of @

By Breezer85 ·
Hi people,

I've got a very frustrating problem with one of my users! Everytime they want to do @ they get ". Easy I hear you say!

Here's the situation, user is part of the same domain as everyone else and has a roaming profile COPIED from a working user with the same config!

What i've tried:
Locally set the language to English UK - Fine
Checked all GPO settings - Fine
Checked BIOS setting - Fine

When I logon to the machine with my login it's perfectly fine.

Here's what i'm thinking, got to be a setting somewhere in the roaming profile messed up!

Using Windows Server 2003 with XP clients.


EDIT: Just realised i've posted in the wrong part, so we can leave those comments out!

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" instead of @

by Fregeus In reply to " instead of @

That occurs if the client has either a French keyboard setting or has remapped the keys to his English keyboard.

Check for both and I'm sure you will find your answer.

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by ---TK--- In reply to " instead of @

you could try remapping their keyboard, download it, set everything to default. But then again ctrl+2 is a hotkey... You could look into Hotkey commander, 15 day free trial, or $15.00.

Best of luck, sounds annoying!

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by Breezer85 In reply to " instead of @

Hey people, managed to sort my plight! Ended up allowing the user access to control panel, chage keyboard settings then took control panel away!

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