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By XnavyDK ·
I see this all over , Granted I am still learning and this may seem simple to you guys so dont laugh. I am trying to make user profiles and redirecting folders in those profiles to a local drive so the "profile" wont be so large. What the heck does the % mean before and after the string? //server/share/%username%. I know its a wild card but its meaning eludes me.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to % wildcard use example

% denotes a variable. %username% is a local variable that gives you the logged in user name. You can see some of them by going to Control Panel, System, Advanced, environment variables.

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so i dont have to...

by XnavyDK In reply to %

Make the folder if I use that variable? if it does exist it will look for it?

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by jimmy-jam In reply to % wildcard use example

When a string is enclosed by % it tells the system that this is an environmet variable.

Your environment varibles are viewable by right clicking My Computer -> Select Properites -> Click the advanced tab -> then click the environment varibles button.

Edited to insert a missed step.

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by XnavyDK In reply to Here

Thanks to you both

I really need to go to school for this stuff. Learning to be a network admin on the fly is proving to be quite a handful

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not to nit-pick, but....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Here

Ya left out a step:

Right-click My Computer -> Select Properties -> Click the Advanced Tab -> Then click the Environment Variables button.

I got it and I'll bet the OP got it, but ya never know who may stumble across it down the road.

BTW... good advice. You deserve a thumb and so does the previous respondent.

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Good catch

by jimmy-jam In reply to not to nit-pick, but....

And I modified my post to reflect it. I'm trying to pay attention to a class and answer questions at the same time :)

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List of variables

by XnavyDK In reply to Here

my list of variables in win server 03 will be a lot larger than my laptop I hope!

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so when i...

by XnavyDK In reply to % wildcard use example

When I use this variable in the user path the I have the string \\server\share\%username% for this to work, or can I just use the username without the variable % before and after. I should still work right? I really dont want to use the profiles for the purpose they are intended, I just want the system to sync them and back them up. We use a local profile schema non mandatory (except on some field machines)

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You can

by jimmy-jam In reply to so when i...

Just becareful you are using the correct username under the correct profile.

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by XnavyDK In reply to You can

Ill try it when I get to the shop. Thanks folks

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