Disk Usage 100% with system as the major issue

By asus05 ·
Lately my laptop slowed down even though I only opened file explorer. I checked my task manager and my disk usage was 100%. I've tried many ways that I found on the internet like checking disk C, update windows 10, stopping sysmain, disabling diagtrack, defrag, MSI, prefetch, etc. Still it didn't work. I checked the details of disk usage and it showed antimalware service executable on top of the list (at the time I ran full scan with windows defender security). When i checked the detail, System appeared to be the major usage factor. Can you help me what's wrong with this and how can I fix this? Is it possible because of malware?
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Disk usage

by BOB.B In reply to Disk Usage 100% with syst ...

If you are running a full av scan I would expect disk usage to be high.

Run this and post a link to the results.

Now run this and post a link to the results.

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Those reports as asked for by BOB.B

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Disk Usage 100% with syst ...

Will help us pinpoint some common causes. Spoiler alert: We see a lot of HDDs that cause what you wrote above. There are thousands of priors about the smart values 01 and 07 and your complaint. The reports reveal this and yes, folk seem to want the long explanation again and again. Also yes to the HDD often passes the maker's HDD test but again and again you swap it out and the problem vanishes. Unless there is malware or other issue (which the reports often help pinpoint.)

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Slow Window Running

by dailyupdatesWW In reply to Disk Usage 100% with syst ...

its your RAM problem.

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