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I recently bought a new graphics card for my admittedly old (10 year) desktop. After installing a light appears on the card indicating that it is getting power. But the computer won't turn on at all when pressing the power button. Any ideas?
There computer still works with the old card fine and have tested the new card on a different computer and it works
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There are a couple of options here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Graphics Card

Modern Video Cards have their own plug in points for power and if these are not plugged in the systems do not work.

More likely however is that the Video Card you bought is incompatible with the Chip Set of the M'Board you are using as I have no idea of what the Video Card or M'Board is it's not possible to sayt what is happening here but I would imagine that is what is going on.

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by Stevethepearl In reply to There are a couple of opt ...

Yeah that's what I suspected as well. I updated the bios but even then, the latest update for the motherboard was from 2010. Do you know of anyway to check the compatibility between the graphics card and motherboard?

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Well the easy way is to get the Chip Set type of the M'Board and Video Card

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks

Then google for known incompatibilities.

However the simple fact that it lights up but the system doesn't start is a fairly good giveaway I would suggest.

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