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    How can cloud telephony solve communication challenges in healthcare?


    by sparrowj ·


    In hospitals and clinics today, cloud telephony systems are helping patients easily connect with doctors and nurses. They play a crucial role in setting appointments between patients and doctors and help route queries to the right caregiver. Cloud telephony systems, because they can automatically route calls to any number, let patients speak with caregivers immediately if necessary.

    Smooth communication with patients made possible by cloud telephony is helping hospitals and clinics cultivate relationships with every patient. The technology is also helping keep patients in-loop regarding treatment. The result is patients treated at medical facilities that have cloud telephony state they receive as much attention from doctors as they expect.

    Other ways cloud telephony is impacting the healthcare sector are as follows.

    Producing Quick Emergency Room Responses Cloud telephony is being used in emergency rooms. Doctors working in emergency rooms are quickly sharing information about patients with other physicians. For instance, when patients visit emergency rooms in hospitals equipped with intelligent web-based notification systems, doctors examining them share voice recordings of their diagnosis with the system. The system immediately shares the doctors recording and patient’s whereabouts with other physicians who quickly assist in treatment.

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      Cloud communication in healthcare

      by oliviatrott099 ·

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      In the present situation, the world is fighting against COVID-19. Doctors and medical staff have become front liners and protecting our lives. The Healthcare industry is trying to provide the highest level of care. Still, some communication challenges are taking place because people are bound to stay at their homes to stop the coronavirus spread. In this situation, cloud telephony can eliminate communication obstacles and ensure a seamless way of interacting with patients. Let’s find out some important aspects of cloud telephony:

      Video and audio conferencing
      Going outside is quite risky as the spread of COVID-19 is increasing day by day. Cloud telephony provides audio and video conferencing features that enable doctors to interact with patients from remote locations and giving patients remote consultations.

      24*7 availability
      Hosted telephony or VoIP telephony ensures 24*7 availability as it has features like IVR. Basically, IVR provides a self-service option through that patients can take advice on their own. IVR plays a series of prerecorded options to which patients can choose and get answers accordingly.

      Ability to keep track of patients conversations
      Cloud telephony provides integration with multiple CRM applications, which makes it easier to keep track of patients’ conversations.

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      UWB Technology

      by thomasoliver ·

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      Great information!!
      Although UWB (Ultra-wideband) technology also plays a very vital role in the health sector.

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