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    How to design a bulletproof phone backup system?

    by fabyoga


    due to my lifestyle, that currently includes a lot of travel and digital work, I am looking into setting up a bulletproof phone backup system, and would appreciate any recommendations.

    The purpose of this system would be to be prepared for a worst-case scenario (having main phone lost or stolen) and the following five consequences:

    1) not being able to login to web accounts and payment services due to 2FA (linked to phone)
    2) not having access to primary communication channels (phone calls, whatsapp, etc.)
    3) have sensitive data leaked into the wrong hands (e.g. 2FA access, google accounts, etc.)
    4) losing data on phone storage (e.g. photos, etc.)
    5) having to re-setup the applications

    The way I see my ideal multi-phone setup working, I see the following five measures to prevent the above five consequences:

    1) All phones would have 2FA authentification app installed; hence 2FA will be ensured at all times
    2) All phones will be esim based; this will ensure that in case of a lost phone, the SIM number can be immediately transferred to the backup phone
    3) All phone will have “Google find your phone” installed; this will allow me to delete all data from any phone remotely, even after losing access
    4) Currently most of my data is already cloud-based; my photos are backed-up in google photos; I think this would be covered
    5= I think this is the only missing link right now. Ideally I would like to have an app, that allows me to sync the app setup on multiple devices, such that all apps I install on device 1 are automatically installed on device 2 (either auto sync in fixed intervall or on demand).

    My questions:

    Q1: Regarding point 5 above: Are there such apps that can do that and does anyone have experience with them?

    Q2: Anything else that you think should be added to the above?

    I am looking forward to your feedback 馃檪


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