I am desperate to find a solution to my computer problem (Read the message)

By MathiMathi ·
So I have had this issue with my computer while playing "heavy games" for example Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. 10 or so minutes into the game my computer crashes. I try and turn it back, it turns on but only my CPU and GPU fans spin while the others dont which causes the computer not to send any signals to my monitors. I just get the classic "No signal detected" message.

Other times I've waited for the computer to cool down and then it works again. (Then all of the fans spin)

Attmepts on solving the problem:
-So I tried replacing the thermal paste, didn't work.
-I took the GPU into another slot, didn't work either.
-Cleaned the whole computer for dust, didn't work

At this point I have no idea on what to do. So thats why Im asking you guys for help.
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