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    Linux for Phones

    by minuseswashes0p ·


    I switched to Linux a year back from Windows and I consider that to be my best decision ever that year. Its got everything I want and even the things it ain’t got, it’s slowly getting recognition in and will someday get (Thanks SteamDeck).

    So major reason why I switched away from Windows and didn’t try Mac was because I wanted to get away from the majority OSs. Not only because of the often said benefits like security or complete control, but mainly because I did not want to sell my tech soul to one big corporation who’s intents and practices are so out of touch with their customers’.

    So now I’m desperate for something else. I know there isn’t yet a proper alternative but is there a future for Linux on handhelds? I know Pinephone exists already but that still means Linux OS on handheld misses out on so many essential apps that android and iOS have already got. Will the market ever have enough of a Linux handheld share to incentivize producers to make Linux specific apps and provide proper support? Cuz it would be great to cut ties with android and iOS the same way I said buh bye to Microsoft before it came up with Windows 11.

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      Close enough?

      by rproffitt ·

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      “Android is as much Linux as a GNU/Linux distribution given that both use the same kernel, but GNU/Linux distributions use the GNU tool chain and Android adds Java and related items to Linux and does not employ the GNU tool chain.Jul 5, 2011” – Computerworld and other places.

      Since we have Linux already via Android, I don’t see your point.

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      Reply To: Linux for Phones

      by elect.springs.0e ·

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      I’m looking for a phone that supports both Linux (e.g. UBPorts or one of the many other projects) and Android/LineageOS (or /e/).

      So far I’ve only found the Fairphone (3, 3+) which supports both. I’m also eyeing the OnePlus Nord, but this one doesn’t support Linux yet (although older OnePlus phones already do, perhaps the company uses hardware that’s easier to support driver-wise).

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      by pileups-punchy0e ·

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      I am wondering if “linux on Android” would be a good alternative. Because Android already works quite well, is free software, and can run linux executables. Below are my thoughts on how that could be implemented.

      The main thing missing would be a display server with gpu acceleration. And maybe user NS to run programs in a proper gnu environment (this can be enabled by recompiling the kernel). It should be possible to run a wayland server on top of Android, using egl for buffer creation. These buffers could be sent to an android app acting as a front end. Zink can be used to run non-es OpenGL programs.

      Of course the implementation would be quite a bit of work. But possibly the only way to run linux apps on mainstream smartphones.

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