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    Looking for a ryzen laptop for £800


    by pauldisel990 ·


    Looking for a ryzen laptop for £800


    I been a pc builder since 2006 and even made it a business but I stopped working on pcs and even keeping myself updated since 2016 so I’m currently not up to date on the latest technologies.

    Instead of me building a pc which I know is a better option however I am in need of something g portable hence the need for a laptop.

    I want to go for a ryzen laptop. My main use will be video editing , general editing and general use, I also want to be able to use the laptop for gaming. It does not need to be the best dedicated gpu , if I can play recent games at okay settings I’ll be fine with that, however my main use will be on video editing , using softwares that require some juice.

    Minimum ram should be 16GB of good quality memory. Have extra upgrade space . Nvme etc.

    I could go £900 but £800 would be preferable.

    Any suggestions? I’m sorry for being so vague. I’m really not up to date .

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      My suggestion….

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Looking for a ryzen laptop for £800

      I would go to the internet site of a computer maker like HP, Dell and any others that come to mind and price a prebuilt system. Research the manufacturer and model computer you are considering through any number of internet sites. Our parent company, Cnet, has some excellent product reviews available and I can encourage you to check them out. If you narrow down your list to a few make/model computers, you can ask the community for further advice.

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