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    My IIS server is not redirecting

    by ccs-techsupport ·


    We want browsers to resolve to our website which happens to be the same name as the domain. So we bought a website that ends with .co
    This was working before and all of a sudden people are getting either a 500 or a 404 error. Does anyone know how to help with the redirect so people can get to our website from inside the domain.

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      Is this you? 20 year old company?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to My IIS server is not redirecting


      The usual fix is to go back to what worked. As to diagnosing why the recent change fails, drag your IT/Web developer in and first, tell them to put it back to how it was. Then share what they changed.

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        No Changes

        by ccs-techsupport ·

        In reply to Is this you? 20 year old company?

        No that is not the company. There have been no changes. This was working before so we are not sure what happened.

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          Before what and on what?

          by rproffitt ·

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          Once in a while I encounter such servers and the following happens.

          1. “I didn’t change a thing.” Someone changed something. Since there are some hundred possibilities the web master may take days to find Waldo. The sooner someone reveals what they did, the sooner it is fixed.

          2. IIS and the server could suffer from system updates. Look at the system logs for clues.

          3. Just last week another complaint but it was only happening to one client’s PC. There was nothing wrong with the web site. Be sure you are not falling for this trap.

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