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    NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS


    by nosrednaanit ·

    I have an NT Workstation (laptop) that made a trip to Germany for a trade show and when it came back, DNS was no longer working (specifically, I get a “bad IP address” when trying to ping names, and a “server not found or DNS error” message from IE. I’ve verified via IPCONFIG /all (and the registry) that the correct DNS servers are listed, and this workstation is the only one on our network with this problem. I have put individual listings in a hosts file, and it still gives me a “bad IP address” when trying to ping names (IP addresses work fine). I have used both static and DHCP IP settings. I uninstalled IP, rebooted and then reinstalled IP and re-service packed it (sp6a) – twice. I have even unbound Netbios, just to see what would happen (nothing). My next troubleshooting step was to use Etherpeek to do a packet analysis, and noticed that _no_ DNS packets are being sent from the workstation at all. Not even during start up, pinging, or attempting to access the web. Any ideaof why this workstat

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      NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      by simon.wellborne ·

      In reply to NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      I think I’ve seen this previously. My fix was to delete TCPIP, then delete the follow (if existing) registry keys:

      HKLM\SYSTEM\CCS\Services\LpdsvcSimple TCP\IP Services

      Then re-install TCP/IP as you have done. In my case, removiong IP from network did not remove all theregistry settings –

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      NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      by bseay ·

      In reply to NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      I dunno….I would look ata possible hardware failure. Did you try a different NIC?

      I seems like that is the easiest fix up front, so I would start there are work towards the more difficult ones.

      Bill Seay
      Advanced Micro Solutions

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      NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      by laust ·

      In reply to NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      There is a problem with you tcp/ip protocol. Remove the protocol and restart the machine. then log on and reinstall tcp/ip. Restart the machine. Then reapply the service pack that was on the machine.

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      NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      by mikeray1 ·

      In reply to NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      Remove networking completely. Right click on network neighborhood and select services. Start at the bottom and remove all services. Then move to the protocols and remove all of them. Then remove the nic card from the adapters tab. Reboot and reload networking components.

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      NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      by ustutz ·

      In reply to NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      Try pinging the fully qualified hostname. I.e., ‘JOE’ is considered to be NETBIOS name resolved via WINS and LMHOSTS, while ‘’ is considered to be a host name, resolved via DNS and hosts file. Also (not trying to insult your intelligence – but just in case:) where have you put the hosts file? In NT it goes under C:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.

      Ping this workstation from another box – see if it responds. Next use ‘nslookup’ to verify which server it uses for the look ups. You can use ‘nslookup ‘ for a single lookup. Or you can type just nslookup without a server name to go into interactive mode. At the > prompt type the name to look up. If this does not work, at the > prompt type ‘server ‘ using the IP address of your DNS server. See if you can connect that way.

      Finally: IS your DNS server on the same subnet as your NT worksation? It might be a bad route. Use ‘netstat -r’ to display the routing table, and the ‘route’ command
      to modify your ro

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      NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      by guy ·

      In reply to NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      Ask the user what changes were made in Germany (Longshot!)
      Check out the TCP/IP properties Tab, has anyone added new rogue WINS or DNS addresses, including Domain names.
      Check out the Hosts and LMHosts files for new settings (or missing old settings.)
      Try and get a similar laptop, or Workstation, and compare commands, what works, what fails.
      Finally does ping ip address, or ping localhost work, if so then its a configuration problem, if not, then its a hardware or reinstall problem.

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      NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      by jun1cez1 ·

      In reply to NT 4 Wkstn not using DNS

      To tfazer,

      Just a little humor, probably the laptop forgot something in Germany. hehehe

      First, you may wish to check that the time zone in the laptop had not been changed since it went to a diiferent time zone and back, but only if it had beenchanged.

      Secondly, in the DHCP Server, verify that the IP address that you gave to the laptop is in the DHCP’s scope, if it has a static address, re-verify that you are using the IP address that correspond to the network.

      Third, in the WINS (I assume that your network has one), re-verify that the laptop’s computer name is entered correctly (it probably had changed to a German name). (Hey thats only a joke OK, don’t get excited), but I still would check it anyway.

      Fourth, in the RAS Server, See if the laptop computer name and its correcsponding IP address is still enabled in the RAS Servers clients. If you are using VPN, I suggets that you re-check your protocols.

      Fifth, had you tried pinging the laptop IP address from any workstation in the networ

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