PXE server and Windows Image Recovery

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Hello! I can't seem to find any answer to my problem anywhere on the internet, so this is my first time ever on this website.
My problem is as follows:
1. I am the IT Admin in a school where there're obviously a ton of computers.
2. They are on the same network.
3. Installing them one-by-one from a USB stick would be a pain in the butt especially to reconfigure them all separately.
4. They are the exact same configs.
5. I've made a system recovery image from one of the PCs and store it on a network folder.
6. I run AIO Boot to make a PXE server and I can run my Windows installer.
7. I can restore the Windows 10 System Recovery Image from the network if I boot a Windows installer from a USB Stick.
8. But I can't figure out how to do both (boot the Windows Installer from the network on PXE and restore the system recovery image)
9. I even tried to have the recovery image and PXE server on different computers without any luck

This is my first IT job but I try my best and always search the web (even for days) to find answers and figure something out but I'm hopeless in this one.
Any suggestions?
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