Red lines being displayed on monitor and PC always goes into startup repair

By tombowles94 ·

I am writing in the hope that someone has the answer to my issue i am currently experiencing with my custom built PC.

It all started where at random points during the time of me playing a game on my PC (Football Manager) after a few hours of gameplay my PC would just go completely a random colour (sometimes mainly green or purple) which then required me to restart the PC and over time it got worse and worse.

Now i am having the issue when i bootup i get thick vertical red lines on my monitor and the screen goes black after windows starts up. Sometimes it goes into windows diagnostic repair and i am able to boot into safe mode.

I have tested the following:

- The cable connectivity into the GPU.
- Cleaned both PCI slots on my motherboard and tried my GPU in each one with the same results.
- Booted into safe mode and updated my graphics drivers.

I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me out with this issue as i am completely stuck!


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From what you have said,

my guess would be a dying video card. Might try
replacing it. Other possibilities include a short circuit
somewhere on motherboard, possible contact with the
metal frame of the case, or bad transistors. A voltage
meter may help in these cases to track down faults.

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