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Survey: Are Big Trucks and SUVs really necessary?

By asdfoui ·
For an English Project, I have to do a survey, gathering YES / NO information from at least 100 people.

This is my question:

"Do you think that oversize cars, vans, SUVs and trucks for personal are necessary?"

Please answer only with YES or NO. Long explanations really don't help me!

Thank you for helping me with this!

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Yes - see reason please

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Survey: Are Big Trucks an ...

Most sedans and similar style cars are now designed for young trendies and are so low to the ground it is actually damaging to the back to get in and out. Only the SUVs and trucks are at the correct ergonomic height for safe entry and exit. Thus bad design of other models make them needed.

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by Fonken Monken UK In reply to Yes - see reason please

No they are not, and if its just because they give you a bad back otherwise, god help us.

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most cars are not ergonomically sound

by Deadly Ernest In reply to No

If I can not buy a ergonomically sound sedan because the designers are making them to suit the wishes of idiotic wankers then you have to put up with people choosing to drive SUVs and light trucks instead of getting into badly designed cars. If the SUVs and light trucks were not available you would see an increase in the number of mini-buses and medium trucks as I would rather dribe them than gave to drive in an unsafe manner because the car was badly designed - which applies to the majority of sedans today.

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Go Highlander

by Dr Dij In reply to No

the Toyota Highlander SUV gets 30MPG.
And probably made in america.
they'll overtake GM in next two years.

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No. I ripped...

by Hockeyist In reply to Yes - see reason please pants getting up into one so they are not ergonomically designed for my fashion type, also, I tore my shirt once when I got out of one.

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Are you a midget?

by Deadly Ernest In reply to No. I ripped...

I could see that happening if you are a midget, then it wouild make sense for you to buy a normal sedan. More likely you were getting in and out of one of those units where they set the suspension at a ridiculous height and expect you to use the step (like a running board) to get in and out.

I can sympathise with your problem either way.

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No, normal...

by Hockeyist In reply to Are you a midget?

...size. I was wet after a fishing trip and my pants sagged a bit. I was also afraid of wetting the precious upholstery.
We have an advertisement on out TV here at the moment for a 4WD SUV. The "hero", after rescuing a stranded calf from a mud/bog in torrential rain, hesitates to get back in the cab. He then proceeds to wash himself with soap in a creek before getting back in.
The advertising industry taking the **** out of their demographic I guess.

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How is this thread relevant to IT

by Fagan In reply to No. I ripped...

Some want to explain !!!!

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You're in the Miscellaneous forum.

by deepsand In reply to How is this thread releva ...

This forum is for anything and everything that fails to fit elsewhere.

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Assuming your premise to be correct, ...

by deepsand In reply to Yes - see reason please

why should such be an overarching issue, of such magnitude that it supersedes all of those issues which argue against the mass use of such vehicles?

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