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Thanx for the tips to promote more Outsourcing

By Orpheum ·
Hoorah! and a round of applause for techrepublics netnote email which must have reache a couple of million people. Now I truly understand what happened. When you give MIS's resources (excel spreadsheets woohoo!) on how to go about outsourcing to cut costs and reduce budgets, the jobs are not outsourced outside the American companies to other consulting firms in the US- THEY'RE LEAVING THE COUNTRY!!! US consulting operations in the Tech Supp industry are at a screetching halt and have been closing up shop since 2002. Have you not heard the cries and woes in the general world of American IT professionals at the blue and shade-off white collarlevel ?????????????????????????????!!!!! We're bankrupt here - Some of your fine members and subscribers have not had a job in months, some since 9/11!!!!! I think it was utterly irresponsible and slightly foolish to give the executive powers such a destructive tool to continue destroying our IT workforce(or what's left) and our general economy!! Did you know that IBM has a VERY VERY LARGE training center in INDIA!! which tutors the already veteran Tech Support department there on the American accent and lingo so that IBM's customers won't distinguish them and recognize this tragedy already in transit for four and a half years???!!! We're too busy here trying to keep ahead of India in learning technologies and discovering research and dev which have been built and already implemented in overseas tech-labs. Now we're sending emails to more US based corporations to 'tip them off' on how to cut more corners in their IT depts and 'outsource' more jobs away - WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?!?!?!?
How about sending an email to some wives and children around the country explaining why they're cost of living or mortgage is not in great harmony with their breadwinners' industry and suggest they move to Bombay/Mumbay??!?!?!?!

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how many cnet jobs?

by freddy2k1 In reply to Thanx for the tips to pro ...

how many cnet jobs are outsourced? that'd be a good one to know

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Great point - cheap shot though!

by Orpheum In reply to how many cnet jobs?

Evidently I?m not the only one who feels this email hit too close to home. I wish more of you would stand up for our future or at least challenge corporate America?s suicide in the IT field. We owe it to ourselves to win back our common goals of expecting our stressful (at times nearly impossible) labor and constant recertification be a little more rewarding and secure than the guy/girl who pours your coffee at the local starbucks(btw, thank heaven for starbucks ? they?re keeping our unemployment rate from breaking records ?single-handedly).
Can?t blame CNet any more than IBM or Cisco though.

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More of us stand up for our future??

by tags In reply to Great point - cheap shot ...

What?? You think that blasting off email to this technical newsletter alias is "standing up for your future"? You're just venting. What are you REALLY doing to fight this problem? Are you voting in the primaries? Are you writing letters to your senators and congressman? Are you telling the people who can do something about it? Are you leading demonstrations? This isn't new since 2001. When I was starting a new project at my company in 2001, we were taking over software development from a team in India. When I was interviewing for a job 2 years before that, that team was using people in India. This is not new stuff. It's just growing - maybe because it's working. Maybe because it's the last straw for companies trying to make a buck. No, it's not good for us IT people. But, stop venting and get your butt out there and vote. Make yourself heard by the people who can do something about it.

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Boycott WEB Site

by ahickman In reply to More of us stand up for o ...

So...anyone up for making a boycott web site and picking a target?

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Good Point Tags

by THEPCTECH In reply to More of us stand up for o ...

Tags, Sounds like you know something here, so if you don't mind post a list of persons who will listen. I really would appreciate it, really : ) Lets build America not India. Im tired of the clueless foreigners we employ overseas, large corporate america is not standing by the americans who got them there to begin with. Outsourcing american work hurts americans. We need more jobs here in america,and to think about Our economy and who spends money Here in america. Yes, Im venting. One way to survive in the american IT field is to work for small/medium sized businesses that appreciate what you do and they give you a place to hang your hat. Small/medium businesses appreciate IT more than large corporate businesses.

Thanks for listening.

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how to fight back

by tags In reply to Good Point Tags

There are those who think that government involvement is bad but others who think it can help. If you believe in govt involvement, laws that limit work going overseas, etc, then write your congressmen, senators, Senator Kerry, President Bush. If it becomes more than just a trickle of email to these people, they will start to realize that in order to get elected/re-elected, they need to listen. You can find the number for your Senator at

To choose someone from the House of Representatives, go to:

I just saw a post for a website at so go there and post your opinion. Maybe someone should create a website with a more professional name that might get the attention of the press and govt representatives. Who listens to bratty children? Also, on this site, provide links to the senate and house and give a sample letter to send. Don't be bratty in this letter. Be rational. Don't be angry. Be rational. Show that you care about this nation and that you are going to keep standing up for your rights as an American Adult.

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Gonna fight back, thanks.

by THEPCTECH In reply to how to fight back

Tags, this discussion thread is all over the place, as it should be, its discussion. You are shedding some real light on a serious subject. I read thru all the rant and raving here and I love it. Thanks, good stuff.

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Your right... put pressure on your congressman

by gpernest In reply to how to fight back

This is a community issue where the government should step in but is reluctant. Corporations will do as they will as long as it is within the law. Corporate ethics... let's just say most CEO's would rather see their mothers in a brothel rather than a shareholder losing a buck.

The Dobbs report had an article titled "Answers on Outsourcing" written by Rory L. Terry, an associate professor of Finance at Fort Hays State University, that has summed up the situation very accurately. Bottom line was "the US community as a whole will pay for outsourcing". Here is the link:

My intent is to do just as you recommended, write my congressmen. I think most congressman want to distance themselves from the outsourcing issue. Sorry mates, time to make a stand. So with that being said, I will simply give them my opinion and site the above article and ask what there opinoin is. And, also state their answers will be reported in an editorial I will write in two months time in the local paper. I they have no comment by then, that will also be stated. If they have a lot to say, they should state where the community can read more on their thoughts.

I hope I'm not too naive to think a local paper would have the courage to print such an editoral. It'll be interesting none the less.

Here's to "opening the window shade all the way" !

Greg Ernest

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Put on the pressure

by rahcn In reply to Your right... put pressur ...

Several States are offering legislation to keep their State Government subcontracted jobs in house. MI Bill Number 4950, 5080 and 5081, MD HB183, IL SB2375 HR4550, CA AB1845 SB1451, 1452,1453, CO SB169, MN SF1792, NY S6040, WA HB3187, WI, MO, KS,CT SB501, SB403 and SB395. Contact your local state representative and State Senator and encourage them to support these bills. The job they save could be their own.

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fight back

by rahcn In reply to how to fight back

Join others see
we are a group of white and blue collar workers working together for American Jobs for Americans in America.

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