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    Tree structured project management tool

    by kristiyanc


    I am working for a company that uses Jira for managing tasks, releases, tests, etc. I believe Jira is really badly organized due to its flat structure of tasks(and not only) – they are all in the same place and the only way to find something is by using an advanced search, specifying status, type, some keywords, labels, etc.. I know there are far better tools than Jira nowadays, ClickUp, Asana and many more. However, I was not able to find a nice tool which allows your project to scale infinitely by utilizing a simple abstract tree structure. That is,

    – your project is a root node and it may have many child nodes
    – each child node can have child nodes and so on
    – each node is either a topic or a task
    – tasks may still have subtopics and subtasks
    – you can create custom roles and give access to a specific set of nodes and their subtree(for great flexibility when working with freelancers for example)
    – you can follow a certain set of nodes and receive notifications for any changes in them so that you don’t accidentally miss something and at the same time you will not receive spam from topics you are not interested in (for example if I am a front-ender, I would not be interested in back-end design decisions or marketing/business strategies)
    – you can have a kanban board or a Gantt chart generated for a specific node(if a team/member is working only on a given topic at the moment which allows for better focus)
    – users can navigate through the tree as if exploring folders(topics) and files(tasks). You have a 2-column layout, the tree is on the left and the preview of the currently selected node is on the right. Clicking once on a topic/task previews it and if you click twice -> you enter it and see its child topics and tasks.

    Let’s hope this sums up the idea well. What do you think? It is complex in order to accommodate complex projects and employee structures but is it TOO complex? Would you use it and if not, why? What else would you like to see?

    Thank you so much for your opinions and suggestions!! 馃檪

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