Unit for backup and power protection not getting along with my laser printe

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A couple of weeks ago, I replaced my Ricoh business-class laser printer that was connected to my desktop PC with Windows 10 Pro. The PC is connected to a 10-year old APC BackUps Pro power unit for backup and power protection. The printer is NOT plugged into the BackUps unit; it’s plugged into a separate wall outlet.

Since I connected a replacement laser printer to my PC, the “on-battery” light on the APC BackUps Pro unit beeps every 52-53 seconds indicating the battery is powering the PC for 1-2 seconds, not the AC power. When I turn off the printer, this doesn’t happen. When I connected a different laser printer to my PC, the same beeping pattern occurred.

I don’t understand why this never happened with my older laser printer but does happen with two newer ones. Any idea of how to prevent this beeping / 1-2 second power outage?
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