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    what is this script looking add-on to my msdt ?

    by jfoffrey ·


    “C:\WINDOWS\system32\msdt.exe” -id AudioRecordingDiagnostic -skip yes -ep SystemSettings_Toubleshoot_L2 -elevated yes . So , this comes up when I try to run the audio troubleshooter in the UAC window as the name of the program I am authorizing to run. wonder if anyone has an idea of what the extra script-like bit is . Stumped the microsoft answer forum folks and one of them sent me here looking for an answer. any help or thoughts are greratly appreciated as my system is in some disarray since the update to 20h2. more than happy to give further details if that helps. thanx, Taylor

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      Re: script

      by keesb2 ·

      In reply to what is this script looking add-on to my msdt ?

      That are parameters for the program. It seems it needs to be told the values of 4 parameters named id, skip, ep and elevated to do what you ask. If you think you know better (either other values or less or more parameters) just use those. But I would trust Microsoft.

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        kbtr1 , thanks for response

        by jfoffrey ·

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        well it was microsoft that told me they didn’t recognize that last bit and I dont know how to get the option to change the 4 parameters , only have the option to run or don’t run?

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          Re: forum

          by keesb2 ·

          In reply to kbtr1 , thanks for response

          The people on the forum are volunteers. They don’t represent Microsoft. I meant “the Microsoft developer that made it like this”.

          Feel free to run it with other parameters from the command prompt. Search documentation about those parameters first.

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