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The 27 most underrated science-fiction books

Looking for hidden sci-fi gems?

When looking for a good sci-fi book, most of us don't need to be told the classics. Dune, Foundation, Neuromancer--you already know those, and most likely have read them. The true gold is in the books someone tells you they read and loved and yet you have never heard of them. That's where you find the gems.

So with a small hope that maybe you could find a couple gems here, I present my top 27 most underrated science-fiction books that I have read.

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Image: Grandfailure, Getty Images/iStockphoto

By Tom Merritt

Tom is an award-winning independent tech podcaster and host of regular tech news and information shows. Tom hosts Sword and Laser, a science fiction and fantasy podcast, and book club with Veronica Belmont. He also hosts Daily Tech News Show, coverin...