Android 12 cheat sheet: Everything you need to know (free PDF)

The Android operating system has come a very long way from its humble and awkward beginnings. Instead of the mobile platform being an underdog, unprepared to serve power users and those who need a mobile device designed for business, Android is now perfectly adept at handling everything you throw at it and be the most personal Google OS ever.

There are areas where the platform could use some polish–that’s where Android 12 comes into play. The latest iteration of Google’s mobile operating system brings new features and tweaks to various elements, as well as improvements to privacy and even haptic feedback.

Let’s find out what’s new to Android 12 and what features might have you champing at the bit to upgrade your current version of the operating system. Read this free PDF download Android 12 cheat sheet, from TechRepublic, to get up to speed on Google’s latest OS.

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