Cheat sheet: Apple’s Siri (free PDF)

Occasionally, seemingly small innovations pack tremendous impact. Certainly, that’s proven true with Apple’s Siri personal digital assistant. The voice-activated concierge so significantly reshapes the way people interact with devices that Alphabet technical adviser Eric Schmidt has stated the feature poses a threat to Google’s underlying search business.

Regardless of rhetoric, Siri has its fans, with Apple revealing the the digital assistant fulfills more than 1 billion requests per week. Apple’s HomePod high-fidelity speaker extended the technology’s reach into its customers’ everyday interactions, and new watchOS advancements further expand the virtual assistant’s reach and usefulness.

From the cheat sheet:

Apple announced at its 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that Siri is being updated to include predictive guidance and recommendations. Machine learning advancements, Siri’s voice recognition capability, and the ability to learn from users’ behaviors and routines meld together to make it all possible. macOS, iOS, and watchOS updates usher in a new era in which Siri Shortcuts and improved watchOS integration make it even easier for users to create custom Siri reminders and receive predictive notifications and customized recommendations without having to expend much, if any, additional effort.

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