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Breakwater IT began in 2005 after chairman, Peter Davies, saw a gap in the market for a more client-focused IT business that could bring ‘bigger business’ technology into the SME marketplace. Today the company boasts 22 employees within their Norwich-based office. Although they don’t specialise in any vertical, they’ve a “wide range of different clients ranging from small business to larger-medium sized businesses and a few quite large ones based all around the country as well,” explains company Service Delivery Manager, Jack Fisher.

Naturally, as time progressed, the company began experiencing efficiency problems that needed addressing. Fisher had previously heard about ConnectWise and was curious.

“The first time I heard about ConnectWise, my managing director had heard about it and was invited to London to learn more,” says Fisher. “Everyone in the MSP world knows about ConnectWise. The reason we decided to go with ConnectWise is to save time, build efficiency, and only have one place for engineers to log in and perform tasks.”

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