Physical-Layer Multicasting by Stochastic Transmit Beamforming and Alamouti Space-Time Coding

Consider transceiver designs in a multiuser Multi-Input Single-Output (MISO) downlink channel, where the users are to receive the same data stream simultaneously. This problem, known as physical-layer multicasting, has drawn much interest. Presently, a popularized approach is transmit beamforming, in which the beamforming optimization is handled by a rank-one approximation method called Semi-Definite Relaxation (SDR). SDR-based beamforming has been shown to be promising for a small or moderate number of users. This paper describes two new transceiver strategies for physical-layer multicasting. The first strategy, called Stochastic BeamForming (SBF), randomizes the beamformer in a per-symbol time-varying manner, so that the rank-one approximation in SDR can be bypassed.

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