10 employee behaviors every boss hates

Bad attitudes from employees can lead to high turnover rates, according to a report from Sign.com. Here are the behaviors bosses dislike the most.

Why managers must measure employee engagement

Toxic work environments are often blamed on managers, as company policies and attitudes start from the top. Some clear signs of a dysfunctional work environment include fights among leadership, a lack of transparency, and high employee turnover, according to a recent Marsh & McLennan report.

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But while managers and supervisors have a hand in poor work cultures, they aren't the only ones to blame, according to a recent Signs.com report. The survey of more than 800 professionals found which employee behaviors were the most irritating to bosses.

Here are the 10 most intolerable employee behaviors in the workplace, according to the report:

  1. Chronic lateness (90%)
  2. Abusing sick time or paid time off (86%)
  3. Drug or alcohol use at work (85%)
  4. Using company expense accounts for personal use (84%)
  5. Yelling at co-workers (84%)
  6. Making unwanted romantic advances toward management or other employees (83%)
  7. Letting another employee take the fall for personal failings (81%)
  8. Spending too much time on social media (80%
  9. Making personal calls too often (77%)
  10. Telling inappropriate or insensitive jokes (76%)

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