Amazon Web Service (AWS) customers will now be able to license the Box Platform for secure file sharing, collaboration, and storage, the companies announced in a press release on Wednesday. The Box Platform APIs will also be available for application integration to those same customers as well.

AWS users can access the Box Platform through its listing in the AWS Marketplace. The Box Platform is available in bundles of 10 monthly active users (MAUs), 17.5k API calls per month, 10GB storage, and 10GB bandwidth per month.

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“Amazon Web Services and the Box Platform offers developers a breadth of cloud services, developer tools and application services that can provide customers with a foundation for the development and deployment of enterprise applications,” Barry Russell, general manager for global business development of AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, said in the press release.

In addition to cloud storage and file sharing, the Box Platform APIs also power “file viewing, commenting, search, sharing, metadata, policies, and more–all designed with enterprise-grade security,” according to the AWS Marketplace listing. Box also meets a host of compliance requirements, meaning that the integration could be helpful for highly-regulated businesses that want to experiment with public cloud, but must remain compliant.

In terms of specific AWS products, the Box Platform will integrate with Lambda, Rekognition, and Cognito. For example, using the Box Node SDK, users will be able to call Box from a Lambda function.

One of the most interesting integrations is with Rekognition, Amazon’s deep learning image recognition tool. In connecting Box with the AWS Rekognition service, a Lambda function could tap Rekognition to analyze an image that has been uploaded to Box, and update the corresponding metadata accordingly.

One important thing to note is that the Box/AWS integration is only available for customers who are starting a new Box account. If you have an existing Box account, the AWS Marketplace page said that you will be required to use a different email address to license Box through AWS.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. AWS users can license the Box Platform through the AWS Marketplace, using its APIs in applications.
  2. The Box Platform is available in bundles, and could provide the kind of compliance needed for highly regulated industries to experiment with public cloud.
  3. The Box Platform integrates with AWS Lambda, Rekognition, and Cognito, to expand their capabilities even further.