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You may not have a landline any more but many businesses rely on wired lines for alarms, elevators, fax machines, modems and point-of-sale terminals. AT&T announced on Friday a service that these companies can use to get the benefits of digital service without buying new equipment.

The Phone for Business-Advanced uses an enterprise-grade appliance from DataRemote to route voice and specialty lines to a cloud server or the AT&T network. Each box can manage eight “plain-old-telephone-service” lines. The device can provide up to 12 hours of power to ensure connectivity if the power goes out locally, according to the company.

Rich Shaw, vice president, voice and collaboration for AT&T Business, said in a press release that this service will modernize these lines to introduce customers to new cloud capabilities while maintaining the reliability and regulatory compliance that they require.

Sandra Krief, VP service providers, Americas for RingCentral, said in a press release that the company believes enterprises today are looking for trusted relationships and joint innovation to deliver the most seamless journey to the cloud across every use case.

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The service converts analog traffic so that it can be transferred over a VoIP Managed Facility Voice Network. This improves security and uses infrastructure that is easier and less expensive to maintain and comes with more failover options, according to the company. The device is wireless capable and has an automatic LTE failover.

The service also streamlines the billing process, the company said, by creating a single provider and a single bill for nationwide service.

The new service meets or exceeds the Managed Facility Voice Network definitions will work for these and other services:

  • Voice services
  • Fax transmission
  • Burglar and fire alarm transmission
  • One-number dialer line
  • Elevator
  • Emergency call box
  • Gate access

The device is listed as UL 60950-1 and designated for use as telecommunication terminal equipment and telecommunication network with a specific reference to fire detection systems approved for use with the standard. It conforms to ANSI and IEEE C2-2012.

The service is available in all 50 U.S. states and customers can use their existing analog phones.