BlackBerry is integrating its QNX platform into every element of the transportation industry: motorcycles, advanced driver assistance systems, platforms for automakers, smart city infrastructure, an IoT logistics platform, and now cybersecurity for connected cars.

At CES 2020, the smartphone company turned software and security company announced an integration of the QNX operating system and Cylance’s security tools.

This announcement marks the first time Cylance’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have been integrated with QNX.

Cylance uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict and prevent security threats to fixed endpoints with a lightweight software agent that sits on the device and operates both online and offline.

BlackBerry bought Cylance in 2018 for $1.4 billion, the biggest acquisition in the company’s history and the latest move in its evolution to a software company focused on the Internet of Things, its QNX platform for autos, and security software.

The modular system will allow automakers and fleet managers to activate just the features they need or use their own data and AI/ML models to create an aggregate view of the health of their vehicles from a vehicle operations console.

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Image: Microsoft