BlackMagic Design updates Davinci Resolve video editing software

In the latest update, Davinci Resolve makes the video editing process more efficient and powerful.

Image: BlackMagic Design

Yes, I'm a big Adobe Creative Cloud fanboy. But I do know that there are many other video editing options available to content creators. This week at NAB, Adobe wasn't the only software company making noise with new features for video editors. BlackMagic Design launched its updated powerful video editing software Davinci Resolve (16) packing in more efficiency and power for video creators.

Davinci Resolve is just as popular among consumer video creators as it is with professionals. When one thinks of Davinci Resolve, two things automatically come to mind: Amazing color-grading tools and low-cost pricing--as in free. The non-linear video editor was and still is perfect for "new YouTubers" just getting started who don't have the budget for the likes of Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

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More than industry-leading color-grading tools

In the latest update, Davinci Resolve makes the video editing process more efficient by allowing the video editor to go through rough cuts and splicing much faster. This is where its new "Cut" page comes into play. The layout is intuitive and hosts two different timelines for a less cluttered view of the app.

One timeline for the final cut looks more streamlined, and the other provides a more detailed view of rough cuts and clips. In general, the UI is designed to clearly fit on a smaller screen, just in case you're an on-the-go video editor. A few AI-centric features help speed up the workflow without needing to drag your playhead around the timeline. This alone can save so much time during an edit.

Other AI-based features include auto color matching of clips, efficient time remapping and for scenes that feature speed ramping, facial recognition and more. These AI tools are available in the Davinci Resolve Studio version, not Davinci Resolve, which means there's a price. More on that in a moment.

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Different flavors

Davinci Resolve comes in a few flavors. Davinci Resolve 16 is free to download and cross-platform. It offers the same great interface and standard tools for making cuts and edits. Davinci Resolve Studio is an upgraded version, which also includes features to create motion graphics, professional-grade audio editing tool as well as the AI tools previously mentioned. Unlike Adobe, this option is not subscription-based and is available for $300. A full list of features can be found on the BlackMagic Design website. The team also put together a pretty comprehensive video showing off the new software.

What do you think?

It's no secret that Davinci Resolve has been a big part of Hollywood studios with color grading and video editing. Do you use this software? I've downloaded and installed previous versions of Davinci Resolve, but could never get my muscle memory to conform to the previous interface. Are you going to give Davinci Resolve 16 a shot? Let me know in the comments below.

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