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Business continuity software vendors

Many software providers offer BCM solutions that assist organizations in planning for and responding to disasters. The following BCM platforms are among the leading products within the category.

Agility RecoveryPlanner

The Agility RecoveryPlanner software suite provides a complete business continuity management planning package to assist organizations in maintaining compliance with BCM standards and requirements.

The scalable and customizable software assists firms of all sizes active within all industries with performing business impact analyses and risk assessments, creating and managing continuity plans and fulfilling compliance reporting requirements, among other functions.

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To assist firms in planning, Agility provides the BIA checklist as shown in Figure A to prospective customers on its website.

Figure A

Agility’s Business Impact Analysis checklist is designed to assist organizations in simplifying the BIA process.

RecoveryPlanner is appropriate even for organizations that have already implemented business continuity plans. Because the Agility software simplifies data collection — including by encouraging collaboration across departments — and prioritizes operations processes, firms will find it easier to maintain and update plans, manage essential vendors and more efficiently manage crises.

Multiple pricing packages are available, and a work-from-home option can be added to each. The Basic Notifications Package includes the company’s Preparis Agility Alerts and its Business Continuity Training Center, Tabletop Testing Templates, Document Storage, Self-Contained Mobile Command Center and Ship-to-Home Laptops, while the Enhanced Planning Package adds a 10-user license for the Agility Planner and the Annual Business Continuity Plan Review component. A Premier Resilience Package, which adds Expert Consulting Services and an Annual Facilitated Tabletop Testing component, is also available.

Contact the company’s sales team for pricing information, which varies based on numerous factors, including which packages a customer selects. For more information on Agility, complete the company’s Contact Us page or call Agility at 1-866-364-9696.

Archer Business Resiliency

Archer Business Resiliency offers organizations a BCM solution that aligns operations continuity planning, IT disaster recovery, crisis management and incident recovery services with an organization’s overarching business goals. The vendor’s emphasis on automation assists customers in rapidly responding to disruptions and assists coordinating recovery efforts when crises occur.

In keeping with ISO 22301 business continuity standards, Archer Business Resiliency aligns operational continuity planning and recovery efforts with internationally accepted requirements and seeks to grade and surface risks before incidents occur, as shown in Figure B. The company’s approach also supports the flexibility necessary for adapting to businesses’ changing needs and requirements as circumstances evolve and change.

Figure B

The Archer Business Resiliency software suite includes comprehensive business continuity and risk management planning components that help grade risk severity.

Archer pricing is dependent upon several factors, including the specific package components selected, the type of technical support selected and the number of users within the organization. For more information on Archer, complete its Contact Us page.

Castellan Business Continuity Management

Designed for integration within everyday operations and emphasizing automation, Castellan Solutions’ Castellan Business Continuity Management combines program governance and automation features with system integration and cloud-based services to deliver robust and reliable BCM functionality. Castellan’s solution also includes such security-conscious features as support for single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and data security standards.

As should be expected from a BCM solution, Castellan provides business impact and risk management assessment assistance (Figure C), planning and strategy guidance and testing expertise. Reporting and dashboard functionality is customizable and seeks to identify gaps where identification and correction will better prepare customers for crises. Mobile incident support, emergency notifications and communication and crises dashboards are other features designed to assist command and control operations when incidents occur.

Figure C

Castellan permits customizing business impact analysis processes and collecting personal forms and documents within its application.

As is typical for BCM software solutions, pricing is dependent upon components selected and the number of users within a customer’s organization. For more information on Castellan, complete the organization’s Contact page or call the company at 1-800-478-7645.

CL360 Business Continuity

CLDigital’s CL360 Business Continuity Management provides forms, templates, workflows and a comprehensive application that assists organizations in collecting essential operations continuity information from users, processes, systems, applications and vendors, among other sources.

The CL360 software subsequently analyzes that information to help generate visual dependency maps, surface risks, and identify gaps in planning and coverage. Recognizing the complexity of business impact analyses and risk assessments, CL360 Business Continuity software provides customers support features — including field insights and wizards — that assist teams in efficiently completing BCM tasks.

Understanding business continuity requirements change over time, CL360 is a no-code platform that permits customization and updating via simple drag-and-drop operations and pre-prepared tools. Subsequently, maintaining currency is easier and takes less time as new vendors and technologies are added or old suppliers and platforms are terminated.

For CLDigital CL360 pricing or more information on the CLDigital CL360 Business Continuity software solution, call the company at 1-866-321-5079 or complete its Contact form.

Fusion Framework System

Featuring integration compatibility with such popular platforms as Salesforce and ServiceNow, Fusion Risk Management’s Fusion Framework System includes prebuilt connectors and two-way communications with multiple third-party applications to better permit emergency notification and response for critical workflows. Fusion’s Community Connector simplifies connecting customers, partners and employees to better manage operation disruption risks.

Like other BCM solutions, Fusion guides businesses through continuity planning, organization preparedness reviews, risk and impact assessments, tolerance configuration, and prioritization and dependency mapping. The offering also provides context mapping features, which better assist businesses in understanding how they fulfill essential workflows and processes.

For Fusion pricing or more information, call the company at 1-847-632-1002 or complete its Contact form.

ParaSolution Business Continuity Platform

Another comprehensive solution that incorporates traditional BCM components as well as an optional ISO 22301 Certification compliance module, among other features, Premier Continuum’s ParaSolution Business Continuity Program offers business continuity, crisis, supplier and IT disaster recovery management features. Whether requiring risk and business impact assessments, crisis planning or guidance structuring emergency recovery processes, ParaSolution is designed to adapt to an organization’s specific needs.

During a crisis, ParaSolution’s mobile app assists an organization’s stakeholders in obtaining the most current emergency information. The tool also offers prebuilt forms and workflows to address dependencies and assist recovery when incidents occur.

Free trials are available, and as is consistent with BCM platforms, pricing varies based on multiple factors including adopted features and user base. For more information on Premier Continuum ParaSolution, call the company at 1-877-761-6222 or complete its Contact page.

SAI360 Business Continuity Management

Noting the variety of threats to a business’ operation include cyber attacks, natural disasters and breaches introduced by third-party vendors, the SAI360 Business Continuity Management platform assists establishing accurate risk assessment and mitigation frameworks with tools that automate BCM processes to improve efficiencies and aid automated incident response. With global scalability and support for multiple languages, SAI360 provides an intuitive software solution that also supports regular recovery testing, dashboard generation and even comprehensive worksite training.

The product offers forms and reporting, as well as authorization processes, that match a business’ existing workflows. Combined with proprietary algorithms and customized reports, SAI360 can speed response actions and minimize disruption when catastrophes do occur, including using its mobile platform as shown in Figure D.

Figure D

SAI360 includes emergency notification and crisis communication features within both its regular application and mobile platform.

For more information on SAI360, complete the company’s Contact Us page or call SAI360 at 1-312-546-4500.

LogicManager Business Continuity Management

LogicManager’s Business Continuity Management is a taxonomy-driven solution, as demonstrated in Figure E, that seeks to track essential internal operations that must be recovered should a disaster occur, as well as other dependencies integral to maintaining business continuity, including with vendors and suppliers.

Figure E

LogicManager’s BCM solution adopts a taxonomy-based approach to intelligently coordinate the numerous elements that constitute business continuity and disaster recovery planning and execution.

Multiple LogicManager modules are collected within its Business Continuity Management Software Solutions platform, including the company’s Business Impact Analysis tools, Business Continuity Planning development software, disaster scenario planning exercises, and testing software and incident response tools.

The company’s BCM platform offers a wealth of traditional risk management, gap analysis, business continuity planning and disaster recovery features that are carefully integrated to simplify access to essential disaster recovery information. It also assists in performing continual reviews as well as completing corresponding dependence-determination, workflow and recovery process updates. The platform’s disaster recovery process supports identifying and capturing adjustments and enhancements while performing a recovery to to recover efforts.

In keeping with its taxonomic approach, LogicManager associates business-impacting risks and controls directly with business continuity and disaster recovery plans to help firms better understand the relationship between such essential elements.

The software aids in demonstrating BCP compliance with auditors and regulators, too. Such functionality also assists general reporting for corporate governance purposes.

Designed to align BCM planning with the organization’s specific needs, LogicManager also integrates with common human resources information systems to automate updating crisis management call trees. Staff need not continue manually updating key stakeholder names, addresses and contact information as a result. Subsequently, the solution assists in reducing the investment needed to build and maintain proper business continuity plans and recovery processes and helps ensure accuracy and efficient responses when crises arise.

LogicManager offers customers flexible pricing to help meet individual company’s unique risk management and business continuity needs. Complete the company’s pricing request page for or call LogicManager at 1-617-530-1210 for more information.

Quantivate Business Continuity Management

Featuring the range of typical BCM features organizations would expect from a comprehensive solution, Quantivate Business Continuity software includes risk assessment, risk scoring, business impact analysis, scenario-replicating exercises, real-time updates, vulnerability analysis and a mobile application to assist recovery when a disruption occurs. The vendor’s package also includes helpful scoping and operational tools, including a business process library, business continuity templates, a disaster plan editor and centralized storage for business continuity plans, disaster recovery documents and other corresponding BCM materials.

Quantivate also offers optional consulting services. Organizations needing assistance can contract the worldwide provider of governance, risk and compliance technology and services to help guide BCM efforts.

For example, Quantivate’s consultants can assist customers in scheduling and conducting personnel interviews when developing business continuity plans, designing disaster recovery workflows and crafting crisis management processes. The company’s business continuity experts can also perform full business impact analyses, host threat and vulnerability assessment meetings, document critical recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives, perform gap analyses within existing BCM and recovery strategies, and inform and educate stakeholders and participants as to their roles and responsibilities.

Whether seeking to improve simple spreadsheet and document-based business continuity planning, better identify and resolve recovery gaps, formalize BCM and disaster recovery processes or modernize corresponding BCM planning, workflows and communication, Quantitative Business Continuity Software is well positioned to assist organizations of all sizes working in most every industry. As noted earlier, customers can outsource BCM planning responsibilities to Quantitative, which employs its own software with proprietary processes to fulfill those tasks.

For more information on Quantivate or to obtain pricing information, complete the company’s Request a Demo page, call 1-800-969-4107 or email sales@quantivate.com.

What are business continuity management program solutions?

BCM solutions help with the advanced planning and preparation organizations undertake to minimize business disruptions due to disasters and enable rapid recovery when a catastrophe occurs.

BCM includes not only the software and hardware components employed to maintain and recover business operations but also the risk and crisis management strategies, contingency planning, business recovery policies, and procedures implemented and continually updated as part of an overall comprehensive operations continuity effort.

How does BCM software work?

BCM software assists organizations by providing a complete framework by which they can review, prepare for and minimize any outages or downtime resulting from crises whether disasters occur due to human error, purposeful malicious activities or natural disasters.

BCM solutions typically help organizations navigate a complete range of essential business continuity elements, including: Performing operations impact assessments; surfacing and tracking risks; developing, monitoring and testing contingency plans; drafting and maintaining business continuity plans and procedures; generating emergency alerts; managing crisis communications; and guiding recovery actions when disasters occur.

Business continuity software: Pros and cons

BCM solutions assist organizations in identifying operations and preparedness needs, spotting operational coverage gaps, establishing contingency processes, and effectively responding to disasters to minimize if not eliminate downtime and outages.

There are no downsides to using BCM software, as it lays the groundwork for addressing all the corresponding requirements and processes, while also providing visual maps to assist with planning and mobile applications to speed recovery when incidents occur.

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