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Digital transformation is rolling through every corner of work, and there is a software platform for every task on every to-do list. When you start to look at the providers offering VPNs, collaboration tools and time tracking systems, the options quickly become overwhelming.

But there is a way to end the overwhelm, and make the process much easier when you’re evaluating and selecting new software to improve productivity and efficiency: comparison tools.

These TechRepublic Premium comparison tools will streamline the selection process for you, helping you assess tools by comparing each one feature by feature. 

If you need help knowing how to evaluate software, TechRepublic Premium’s got you covered there, too. These comparison charts and guides provide the basic feature sets and descriptions, and you can customize the list to match your needs. 

Comparison guide: Enterprise collaboration tools

Wherever your team is working–at home, in the office or both–they need the right tools to share ideas, inspiration and work-in-progress. Luckily, people are able to use whatever channel they want to do collaborate: voice, video, screen share and web and mobile apps. This TechRepublic Premium resource reviews the best software for collaborative needs complete with information for the IT team about LDAP integration or third-party integration.

Feature comparison: Time tracking software and systems

This TechRepublic Premium resource will guide you through the process of selecting a time tracking system. The guidelines and the accompanying comparison tool provide a customizable framework to document the decision-making process. This resource will help you determine what features you need and compare vendors and the services they offer.

Comparison chart: VPN service providers

If you don’t have a VPN in place, that’s a security problem you need to fix. This chart makes it easy to compare vendors and the crucial features each one offers. This comparison tool has eight fields to start with, including how many connections the service can support, logging, free trial options and the refund period, if available.