The Microsoft Access Order Entry form you created contains
all the information that your customer reps need to take a phone order. But
every now and then the customer rep needs to access another form that has
information that isn’t on the order form.

Instead of adding a subform to the
order form, you can add a command button that let’s your rep pop open the
desired form when needed. For example, a customer may need to change their
e-mail address, which may be kept on the Customer E-mail Address form.

To create a command button that, when clicked, will pop open
the necessary form, follow these steps:

  1. Open
    the Order Entry form in design mode.
  2. Click
    the Command Button tool on the toolbox and click and drag it to insert the
    command button control on the Order Entry form.
  3. Right-click
    the command button and select Properties.
  4. Under
    the Format tab, change the caption to E-mail Address.
  5. Select
    the Event tab, click the On-Click Property’s drop-down menu, and then
    select Event Procedure.
  6. Click
    the On-Click Property’s Build button.
  7. Enter
    the following command at the prompt:
DoCmd.OpenForm "Customer E-mail Addresses"
  1. Press

Now when your reps’ customers need to update their e-mail
addresses, the rep can click the command button to access the correct form and
make the necessary changes.

Note: In Access 2000, when you click and drag to create the command button, a wizard pops up; you should cancel out of that and proceed to the next step, right-click the button, and select Properties.

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