Deel’s global payroll and compliance solutions help businesses hire and pay international employees and contractors in over 100 countries. For thousands of multinational companies, it’s the perfect international payroll solution — but if yours isn’t one of them, one of Deel’s global payroll software competitors could be a better fit.

For many U.S.-based businesses, Rippling and Remote are the best Deel alternatives for paying contractors and full-time employees alike. Read on for an in-depth analysis of Rippling, Gusto and Deel’s other key competitors in 2024.

Top Deel competitors and alternatives: Comparison table

VendorEOR starting priceContractor-only starting priceGlobal availabilityOur star rating (out of 5)Learn more
Deel$599/employee/mo.$49/contractor/mo.100+ countries4.7 starsTry Deel
RipplingCustomCustomUnlisted4.3 starsTry Rippling
Remote$599/employee/mo.$29/contractor/mo.170+ countries4.3 starsTry Remote
GustoContact for quote$6/contractor/mo.*75+ countries4.6 starsTry Gusto
Papaya Global$650/employee/mo.$25/employee/mo.**160+ countries4.2 starsTry Papaya
Oyster$499/employee/mo.$29/contractor/mo.180+ countries4.4 starsTry Oyster
Multiplier$400/employee/mo.$40/contractor/mo.150+ countries4.1 starsTry Multiplier

Plan and pricing details up to date as of 1/5/2024.
*Gusto’s contractor-only payroll plan has no base fee for the first six months of service. After six months, the base fee increases to a flat rate of $35/mo
**Starting price for businesses with 101+ global employees. Price decreases to $20/employee with 501+ employees and $15/employee with 1,001+ employees.

The top Deel alternatives for global businesses

Rippling: Best overall Deel alternative

Our star rating: 4.3 out of 5

Rippling logo.
Image: Rippling

Why we chose it: Rippling’s exceptional ease of use, comprehensive features and modular approach set it apart from other competitors in the global payroll software sphere.

Rippling’s all-in-one business software enables global businesses to manage HR, payroll, expenses and IT on one unified operating system. While Rippling syncs seamlessly with hundreds of third-party apps, its modules are comprehensive enough that you don’t have to look outside Rippling to find most software solutions.

Who it’s best for: As a modular end-to-end software solution, Rippling is best for companies in need of scalable software that expands in step with their businesses. Consider Rippling over Deel if you want to manage most major business operations on one unified platform, including global HR, international payroll and remote tech.

Plus, Rippling’s unique focus on technology and IT makes it a perfect fit for remote global companies that outfit new employees with company laptops. Only Rippling lets you manage employee pay, time off, expenses, devices, compensation and password security from a single unified system.

Get more information by reading our comprehensive Rippling review.


Rippling’s domestic payroll service starts at $8 per employee per month on top of an unlisted monthly base fee (third-party sources suggest base pricing starts at $35 per month). However, since Rippling’s modular software is extremely customizable, Rippling offers custom quotes only on most of its services, global payroll and EOR service included.

Contact Rippling to start building your quote.

Top features and integrations

  • 90-second self-guided onboarding for new hires (employees and contractors).
  • Local currency payments.
  • Automated global payroll tax filing and legal compliance.
  • Global employee benefits options.
  • Automatic expense categorization and general ledger export.
  • Comprehensive international org chart.
  • Country-specific customizable policies.
  • Remote IT management, including device, app and password management.

Integrations: Rippling offers over 500 pre-built “recipes,” or native third-party app automations. Top Rippling integrations include Slack, G Suite, Greenhouse and more.

Pros and cons

  • Domestic and global employee payroll within the same system.
  • Unified time tracking, device management, payroll and benefits.
  • Multiple international payroll solutions, including EOR and contractor-only plans.
  • Limited pricing information available online.
  • Per-employee, per-module pricing may be too much for small-business budgets.

    Remote: Best value for the price

    Our star rating: 4.3 out of 5

    Remote logo.
    Image: Remote

    Why we chose it: Remote gives companies multiple affordable options for paying employees and contractors in 170+ countries. Along with its employer of record service (which starts at the industry-standard cost of $599 per employee per month), Remote offers a completely free HRIS platform for companies with up to 200 employees.

    With onboarding, time and attendance, expense tracking and document management tools, Remote’s all-in-one global, free HR service makes employment as simple as possible for employees and employers alike.

    Who it’s best for: Thanks to its free HRIS tool, affordable contractor plan and upfront pricing, Remote works best for global companies that need international payroll on a budget. You should also consider choosing Remote instead of Deel if mobile accessibility is one of your top considerations: Remote has a payroll app, but Deel does not.

    Get more information by reading our comprehensive Remote review.


    Remote helpfully lists its starting prices upfront for all three of its major services:

    • Contractor Management: $29 per active contractor per month (no charge for inactive contractors).
    • Employer of Record: $599 per employee per month.
    • Global Payroll: $50 per employee per month.

    Remote’s HRIS platform is also completely free for businesses with up to 200 global employees.

    Per Remote’s fair pricing guarantee, the company doesn’t require upfront deposits or a minimum contract term. Services like offboarding and equity management are included at no additional cost.

    Additionally, Remote’s EOR satisfaction guarantee states that if you aren’t totally satisfied with the service, Remote will refund you all management fees accrued within your first 90 days of service.

    Top features and integrations

    • Global contractor hiring and payroll in 200+ countries.
    • International employee hiring and payroll in 170+ countries.
    • Same-day local currency payments.
    • Employee self-service portal and mobile app.
    • In-app document signing.
    • Automated invoice approvals and contractor payments.
    • Payroll software includes PTO management, payslip creation and automated local tax calculations.
    • EOR service includes local benefits options, country-based cost of employment calculator and country-specific compliant onboarding.

    Integrations: Remote’s open API allows software developers to build custom integrations between Remote and their preferred third-party apps. Remote also offers pre-built integrations with a handful of third-party platforms, including BambooHR, Zapier, Greenhouse and HiBob.

    Pros and cons

    • Upfront pricing with few hidden fees or add-on costs.
    • Free HR tool for companies with up to 200 employees.
    • Fewer native integrations than some competitors.
    • Limited reporting and analytics.

    Gusto: Best contractor payroll plan

    Our star rating: 4.6 out of 5

    Gusto logo.
    Image: Gusto

    Why we chose it: Gusto’s automations, streamlined platform and overall accessibility make it one of the best payroll companies for small and midsize U.S.-use businesses, including those that pay international contractors. Employers who already use Gusto to pay domestic contractors and employees can add international contractors for no additional fee — the only cost you incur is an exchange-rate fee that varies by country.

    Until recently, Gusto’s international payroll service was limited to contractors only. In early 2024, however, Gusto plans to add a new employer of record service powered by Remote that will enable hiring and payroll in 75+ countries. (The service is already live for U.S.-based businesses paying employees in Canada).

    Who it’s best for: If you’re nervous about expanding to a foreign country for the first time, Gusto is an exceptional small-business alternative to Deel. Gusto’s user-friendly platform is deeply intuitive with a low learning curve, which makes it an ideal payroll system for first-time employers. With the addition of Gusto Global, Gusto is now a great software choice for first-time global employers too.

    Get more information by reading our comprehensive Gusto review.


    Gusto’s contractor-only plan starts at just $6 per contractor paid per month. After six months of service, you’ll pay a monthly base fee of $35. International contractors can be added for the same $6-a-month price as domestic employees. The only additional fee is a variable exchange fee (the exact cost depends on the country).

    You can also pay international contractors through any of Gusto’s three employee-and-contractor payroll plans:

    • Gusto Simple: $40 per month + $6 per employee or contractor per month. Includes unlimited monthly payroll runs and access to optional employee benefits.
    • Gusto Plus: $80 per month + $12 per employee or contractor per month. Includes multi-state payroll, time tracking and PTO management.
    • Gusto Premium: Custom pricing only. Includes compliance alerts, HR resource center access and dedicated customer support.

    Gusto hasn’t added pricing for Gusto Global to its site yet. However, since Gusto Global is powered by Remote, its EOR service will likely start at the same price of around $599 per employee per month.

    Get a one-month free discount on your invoice after you subscribe and run your first payroll with Gusto. Other terms and conditions apply.

    Top features and integrations

    • Unlimited monthly payroll runs.
    • Optional employee benefits, including health insurance plans in 37 states.
    • Employee mobile app for self-service onboarding and on-demand pay.
    • Local currency payments (availability varies by country).
    • Fully automated full-service payroll tax administration.

    Integrations: As a top payroll service provider in the U.S., Gusto includes built-in integrations with dozens of third-party apps, including accounting software like FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Sage, Xero and ZipBooks. Gusto also syncs with expense management software like Expensify, performance management tools like Culture Amp, and time-tracking tools like 7shifts.

    Pros and cons

    • Extremely user-friendly platform with simple self-guided setup.
    • Mobile app for employees with optional on-demand pay through Gusto Wallet.
    • Thorough built-in integrations.
    • Low-cost international contractor payroll.
    • Compliance alerts limited to most expensive plan only.
    • Customers can't yet access Gusto Global features (though you can create an account).
    • Fewer HR features than top payroll competitors.

      Papaya Global: Best international PEO

      Papaya Global logo.
      Image: Papaya Global

      Our star rating: 4.2 out of 5

      Why we chose it: Papaya Global offers a diverse range of global payroll services, including low-cost international contractor payroll, EOR services, local currency payments and international payroll platform licensing. While most international payroll companies operate as EORs, which let you hire in countries where you don’t have a legal business entity, Papaya Global is an international PEO, meaning it acts as a co-employer with your business in 160+ countries.

      Papaya excels when it comes to country-specific compliance. The company works with on-the-ground, locally based experts who understand the complexities of each country’s employment laws. Plus, Papaya Global’s plans incorporate AI-based automation tools to ensure accuracy and minimize risks in payroll and compliance processes.

      Who it’s best for: While international payroll companies like Deel offer two to three service options (for instance, a contractor-only plan or a full-service EOR), Papaya Global has a more expansive suite of versatile payroll solutions. If you’re looking for flexible plans with built-in scalability, Papaya might be the best Deel alternative for your company.

      Get more information by reading our comprehensive Papaya Global review.


      Papaya offers multiple global payroll solutions starting at the following price points:

      • Global Payroll: Starts at $25/employee/month for businesses with 101+ employees, $20/employee/month with 501+ employees, or $15/employee/month with 1,001+ employees.
      • EOR: Starts at $650/employee/month.
      • Contractor Payments & Management: Starts at $30/contractor/month.

      Top features and integrations

      • Full-service payroll in over 160 countries.
      • Payments available in 12 currencies.
      • Country-specific benefits.
      • Expert guidance on employee relocation, visa statuses and immigration.
      • Global equity management.

      Integrations: While Papaya is working on adding more native integrations, it currently integrates with just six third-party business apps: NetSuite, Expensify, BambooHR, Namely, HiBob and SAP. The company is in the process of adding an Oracle HCM integration, and its HCM Cloud Connector facilitates syncing between your preferred HCM platform and Papaya.

      Pros and cons

      • Employee-facing mobile app.
      • Low starting price for contractor-only payroll.
      • Notably user-friendly interface.
      • Multiple service options to accommodate a variety of needs.
      • Separate platforms for managing domestic and global payroll.
      • Higher EOR starting price than most competitors.
      • Limited integration.
      • Third-party outsourcing can add an extra layer of hassle to global payroll.

      Oyster: Best for hiring internationally

      Our star rating: 4.4 out of 5

      Oyster logo.
      Image: Oyster

      Why we chose it: Oyster HR gives its customers access to the same essential multinational payroll features as Deel and its top alternatives. But Oyster stands out by operating in 180+ countries and enabling payments in 140+ local currencies — making it more widely accessible than Deel or any other top competitors on our list.

      Along with making global payroll less of a hassle, Oyster takes some of the stress out of hiring international workers by working with global talent teams. Using Oyster, you can access global job boards, agencies and hiring marketplaces with vetted, trustworthy candidates.

      Who it’s best for: If finding top talent in a crowded global marketplace is one of your main considerations, you might benefit more from Oyster as opposed to Deel and other global payroll options. Even if you don’t take advantage of Oyster’s unique partnerships with third-party global hiring resources, Oyster’s cost-comparison tool and resource library can give you extra support to ensure your global hiring practices are compliant and cost-effective.

      Get more information by reading our comprehensive Oyster HR review.


      Oyster offers upfront pricing for two of its services and requires a custom quote for the third:

      • Contractor: $29 per contractor per month. Available in 180+ countries.
      • Employee (EOR): $499 per employee per month (billed annually) or $599 per employee per month (billed month to month). Available in 130+ countries.
      • Scale: Custom pricing. Annual billing only. Includes all Employee plan features plus dedicated customer service and built-in availability for five or more full-time global employees.

      Oyster also has a few add-on services with custom pricing, including global and local benefits packages and visa sponsorship services.

      Between Deel and its top competitors, Oyster is the only provider to offer a free trial: For the Contractor plan only, you can sign up to try 30 days free before committing to Oyster’s service. You can also create a free Oyster account to explore Oyster’s many tools, which includes calculating country-specific employment costs

      Top features and integrations

      • Payments available in 140+ local currencies.
      • Full-service global tax administration.
      • Automated payroll in 180+ countries.
      • Expense, invoice and payroll reports.
      • Location-specific hiring templates and compliant employment agreements.
      • Pre-built workflow automations for time-off requests, onboarding and documentation.

      Integrations: Oyster can be integrated with over 5,000 third-party apps via Zapier, including accounting programs like QuickBooks and HCM solutions like HiBob. The Oyster API also lets developers create custom workflows and integrations.

      Pros and cons

      • 30-day free trial (contractor plan only).
      • Below-average EOR starting price when billed annually.
      • Available in 180+ countries and 140+ currencies.
      • Includes basic HR features like onboarding and offboarding.
      • No native integrations (available through Zapier and Oyster API).
      • Limited HR features.
      • Limited automations.

      Multiplier: Best global benefit packages

      Our star rating: 4.1 out of 5

      Multiplier logo.
      Image: Multiplier

      Why we chose it: Like Deel, Multiplier partners with dozens of global talent agencies to help its customers quickly access vetted lists of top talent in every region of the world. While its contractor plan starts at an above-average cost ($40 per contractor compared to a more industry-standard $20 to $30 per contractor), its employee plan starts at the below-average price of just $400 per person.

      Rather than working with third-party localized benefit providers, Multiplier lets you choose global benefits packages that can be customized by country. There are pros and cons to opting for streamlined global benefits over highly localized, country-specific benefits, but going the Multiplier route means you won’t have to deal with third parties, which can save you time and help you hire faster.

      Who it’s best for: If you’re concerned about offering top-tier benefits that attract a top-tier workforce and keep your company competitive in a global world, Multiplier’s global benefits packages and built-in benefits administration make it a good pick.

      Get more information by reading our comprehensive Multiplier review.


      Multiplier’s freelance payroll and EOR services start at the following prices:

      • Independent Contractors: $40 per contractor per month.
      • Employer of Record: $400 per employee per month.

      Two other Multiplier services, Immigration and Global Payroll, are available at custom pricing only. Get in touch with Multiplier’s sales team for a free quote.

      Top features and integrations

      • Multilingual, locally compliant employment contracts.
      • Benefits administration built into every plan.
      • Time-off management.
      • Employee expense and reimbursement tracking.
      • Multi-currency payment options, including crypto payments.
      • 24/5 customer service connections to local HR and compliance experts.
      • Support for visas in 140+ countries.

      Integrations: Multiplier currently integrates with 20+ multinational third-party apps, including Geektastic, OnLoop and Reaction.

      Pros and cons

      • Access to global talent sourcing teams.
      • Round-the-clock localized customer support (weekdays only).
      • Built-in time-off management, HR tools and timesheets.
      • Above-average contractor plan costs.
      • Limited integrations.

      Is Deel worth it?

      Our star rating: 4.7 out of 5

      Deel logo.
      Image: Deel

      Deel is simply one of the best global payroll providers on the market. On top of typical payroll services you’d expect from any global payroll company worth its salt, Deel offers unique benefits like access to global shared workspaces and streamlined tech distribution to remote teams.

      But Deel’s best, well, deal might be its completely free HR tool, Deel HR. Using Deel HR in tandem with Deel global payroll or EOR ensures you can manage hiring, payroll, immigration, legal compliance, benefits administration, onboarding, offboarding, employee engagement, workforce analytics and compensation managing — all within the same platform.

      However, depending on your company’s needs, Deel’s free HR program might not be enough to outweigh its above-average starting prices for key payroll services. Plus, in spite of its excellent features, Deel isn’t available in as many countries as most of its top competitors.


      Along with its free-for-life HR platform (available for businesses with up to 200 employees), Deel offers traditional global payroll plans at slightly above-average prices:

      • Contractors: $49 per contractor per month.
      • EOR: $599 per employee per month.
      • Global Payroll: Custom quotes only.
      • Immigration: Custom quotes only.

      While Deel’s contractor payments, global payroll and EOR services are available in 100+ countries, its immigration service supports visas in just 25 countries.

      Features and integrations

      • Local benefits packages compliant with each country’s labor laws.
      • Full-service payroll, benefits administration and compliance in 100+ countries.
      • Payments available in 150+ local currencies.
      • Remote equipment selection and shipping.
      • Access to shared workspaces across the globe.
      • Automated invoicing, employee expense management and time-off tracking.
      • Free HR tools like org charts, people directories, bonus management, document storage and HR reports.

      Integrations: Deel currently integrates with more than 20 popular business apps, including accounting tools like QuickBooks, Xero and NetSuite. You can also build your own custom workflows and integrations via the Deel API.

      Pros and cons

      • Completely free HR platform for businesses with up to 200 employees.
      • Unique benefits like shared global workplaces.
      • Fully integrated HR, payroll and immigration on one platform.
      • Visa services available in just 25 countries.
      • Above-average contractor payroll and EOR starting prices.

        Should you choose Deel or a Deel competitor?

        Deel’s impressive suite of payroll features, completely free HR plan and customized benefits packages make it a compelling software solution for plenty of global businesses. If your top priority is finding an all-in-one global payroll and HR service that simplifies not just hiring and paying employees but keeping track of them once they’ve joined your company, Deel could be your best bet.

        But Deel is far from your only option. Notably, since its starting price is higher than that of many competitors, it might not be the best bargain for cost-conscious businesses that are just barely breaking into the international scene.

        As you weigh the merits of choosing Deel or a top Deel competitor, make sure you zero in on a few key factors beyond features and price by asking the following questions:

        • Availability. Can this payroll provider help you hire employees in the countries you’re most interested in? Does it support countries you might consider expanding to as your business grows?
        • Integration. Will adding this payroll software to your tech stack make your life easier (by integrating easily with your most-used software tools) or harder (by requiring redundant data entry between unconnected tools)?
        • Customer service. Domestic payroll snafus are bad enough, but global payroll mistakes may have even bigger legal ramifications that you can’t understand on your own. Does your preferred payroll service offer 24-hour support so you can get fast help regardless of time zone? Does customer support include access to on-the-ground local HR and payroll experts so you can deal with compliance issues ASAP?

        Finally, while conducting online research by reading articles like ours is a fantastic start, there’s really no substitute for hands-on experience. Setting up a free account with Gusto Global, taking advantage of Oyster’s 30-day free trial and booking a custom demo with Rippling or Multiplier will help you choose payroll software you don’t just tolerate but actively appreciate.

        Our methodology

        We rely on a proprietary in-house algorithm to calculate star ratings, which are based on the following criteria:

        • Pricing and affordability (weighted to 25% of the total score).
        • International payroll features (weighted to 35% of the total score).
        • Ease of use and overall functionality (weighted to 15% of the total score).
        • Customer service, experience and reputation (weighted to 15% of the total score).
        • Expert opinion, hands-on testing and overall experience (weighted to 10% of the total score).

        Our payroll software review methodology page has more information on our brand evaluation, research process and star-rating criteria.

        Frequently asked questions

        Is Deel cloud-based?

        Yes. Deel’s cloud-based payroll software enables employers to pay individuals in over 100 countries.

        What companies are similar to Deel?

        Global payroll companies like Deel include Multiplier, Oyster, Rippling and Gusto, among others. Like Deel, each of these companies offers international contractor payroll plans and employer of record services, which enable U.S. businesses to hire workers in countries where they lack an established legal entity.

        Is Deel a payroll company?

        Yes. Deel is an international payroll company with EOR services that enable U.S.-based companies to hire and pay employees and contractors around the globe.

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