Digital transformation projects are underway in a majority of organizations, but with technological changes comes several challenges for CIOs and other executives spearheading them, according to Nominet’s Cyber Security In the Age of Digital Transformation report, released Wednesday.

Of the 274 CISOs, CTOs, and CIOs surveyed from large organizations across industries, 93% said their company was either currently engaged in, or planning to engage in, a digital transformation project. However, only 7% said they have completed a digital transformation strategy, while 22% said they are implementing one, and 48% said they are developing one, the report found.

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Key drivers of digital transformation include growth opportunities in new markets (53%), evolving customer behaviours and preferences (52%), evolving employee behaviors and preferences (48%), and increased competitive pressure (48%), according to the report.

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With any major enterprise project comes its share of risk. Here are the top concerns of CIOs, CISOs, and CTOs when it comes to digital transformation projects, the report found:

  1. Increased cybersecurity risks (53%)
  2. Rigid technology infrastructure (40%)
  3. Legal, risk management and/or compliance concern (36%)
  4. Budget (34%)
  5. Resistance to change/risk aversions (32%)

It’s no surprise that cybersecurity is the top challenge to digital projects, as respondents named top security concerns as being exposure of customer data (60%), cybercriminal sophistication (56%), and increased threat surface (53%), the report found.

“With digital transformation you have to be sure that when you’re bringing in new applications, security is considered from the outset,” Cath Goulding, CISO of Nominet, said in a press email. “More than this though, in a digital transformation project, the real trick is to manage the security considerations of legacy and new applications simultaneously.”

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