Don't be a PowerPoint sheeple: Create standout presentations with Visme

Presentation software is not sexy. But Visme's slideshows and infographics could help spice up your next meeting.

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At some point, just about everyone will be asked to communicate important information to a group of people inside an enterprise. This typically takes the form of a speech accompanied by visual supplements... AKA, the presentation. Pulling off an effective presentation requires a certain amount of creativity. Unfortunately, many people--like yours truly--lack enough of the specific creativity required. We need all the help we can get.


For a lot of enterprises, Microsoft PowerPoint is the tool to use for creating presentations, and it has been for many years. PowerPoint is also the reason that just about every presentation you have ever seen appears so similar. If you are looking for a reason why presentations are often depicted as stale and boring, the fact that we all use the same tool and the same templates is the likely culprit. Collectively, we need to change things up a bit.

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Enter Visme

This is where an app like Visme can really help. Visme includes all kinds of tools for creating more interesting presentations, infographics, reports, and even web pages. For the creatively challenged, Visme also includes hundreds of templates you can use to jumpstart your next presentation.


To put Visme through its paces, I decided to create an infographic using a Pew Research Center study I found on computing device ownership in the United States. I started with the simple template provided by the Visme app and went from there.

The first thing you will notice about Visme is how fluid the app works even though it is a web app. As you navigate your way through the various buttons on the toolbar, the response is smooth and quick. The sheer number of tools available can be a bit overwhelming at first, but as you use it your anxiety should subside.

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If I had to fault Visme for one thing, it would be that I found myself guessing what a tool or button would do because I couldn't tell from just the icon. This means there is a good deal of trial and error to work through as you create your presentation. The saving grace for this problem is that the company provides a substantial set of FAQs, tutorials, and videos to help you master the app.

You'll also notice the huge number of sample templates that are available. No matter what data and information you are looking to communicate during your next presentation, it is likely Visme has a matching template ready for you. It could be just the boost you need to make your presentation a success.

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You can try a limited version of Visme for free--and never pay a thing, if you want. The number of projects and pre-made templates will be limited, but you can still produce some compelling presentations. The free version will also give you a chance to compare your Visme presentations with your PowerPoint presentations.

However, if you are serious about creating presentations, infographics, reports, etc., without PowerPoint, you should pony up for either the Standard or the Premium version of Visme. The Standard version costs $7 per month, while the Premium costs $16 per month. Special prices are also available for educators, nonprofits, and enterprises, but you will have to make arrangements with the company for those.

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Image: Visme


I would hazard to guess that I am like most of you and don't find presentation software to be all that exciting. In fact, presentation software, and the concept of presentations themselves, falls into the category of just something we have to do--not something we want to do. The familiarity of PowerPoint and its stale templates doesn't help.

Visme, on the other hand, may just change your attitude about presentations. I would not call creating my infographic example for this review fun, but I would not describe it as unpleasant either. The more you use Visme and the more you master the tools you have to work with, the more comfortable you will become and the better your work will be.

Put PowerPoint away for a while and give Visme a try. See what you can create. I think you may surprise yourself.


Here is the infographic I created using Visme. It took less than two hours to complete. Of course, now that I have used the app, the next project should go much smoother and faster.

Image D
Image: Mark Kaelin (created with Visme)

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