Earth Day is right around the corner and the celebration is a good time for people to assess the impact their daily decisions and purchases have on the planet. There are innumerable environmentally-focused products on the market to help people reduce their carbon footprint and tread more sustainably. From electric rideables and solar-panel power banks to face masks that support oceanic cleanup projects, here are 8 of the best Earth Day products to throw some green at this year.

Ninebot electric scooter

Image: Segway

Electric scooters are a great way for commuters to reduce their carbon footprint when venturing across town. Ninebot’s Kickscooter touts a 25-mile-per-charge range and an 18-mph top speed to get you from point A to point B in a hurry. The 10-inch pneumatic tires absorb uneven terrain, offering a smooth ride and ample traction. Front-mounted LEDs illuminate the roadway for added safety and visibility in less than optimal lighting conditions.

Kana bamboo standing desk

Image: FlexiSpot

Standing desks are a popular option among office workers and remote employees as these models add a little mobility to a sedentary workday. The Kana Bamboo standing desk is made with “renewable bamboo and eco-friendly lacquer coating,” according to the manufacturer, for a sustainable approach to office design. The model is available with either a rectangular or curved desktop.

Omni Ultimate

Image: Omni Charge

Portable power banks help professionals pack a few extra joules for the road; a valuable asset for remote workers on the go. The Omni Ultimate power bank features a number of ports to recharge a wide range of devices and gadgets including laptops, smartphones, professional cameras, drones and more. For added green energy appeal, the build includes a solar panel to keep devices fully juiced between outlets.

Epson Expression Premium EcoTank Printer

Image: Amazon

This Epson Expression Premium EcoTank model features a refillable “supersized” ink tank for a more sustainable approach to printing compared to single-use ink cartridge models. The unit also supports mobile printing and has an LCD screen to preview projects on the device.

Pela phone cases

Image: Pela Case

Discarded plastics can wreak havoc on the environment and these materials are used in innumerable products we touch every day ranging from face washes to our smart devices.

Compared to omnipresent plastic phone cases, Pela cases are comprised of plant material offering a more sustainable way to protect smart devices. The cases are also compatible with wireless charging options (including MagSafe), according to the manufacturer.

4ocean reusable face masks

Image: 4ocean

While vaccination efforts have ramped up in recent weeks, many locales and in-person offices are still requiring face masks. The company 4ocean focuses on reducing oceanic pollution and offers a number of products made from repurposed oceanic plastic. The company website says the purchase of this mask two-pack helps remove one pound of oceanic trash.

Stojo collapsible cup

Image: Amazon

One-time use products are often destined for lengthy stays in landfills after their momentary utility passes. This reusable coffee cup with a built-in straw allows quaffers to reduce their carbon footprint one sip at a time while enjoying their preferred beverages on the go. The unit is also collapsible and easily stows in a purse, backpack or glove compartment between uses.

Mason Bee House

Image: Amazon

The plight of the bees has been well-documented around the globe. The Mason Bee House allows people to support their local pollinators with preferential lodging between flights. The product features approximately 90 “nesting tubes” and can be positioned via the included rope or metal bracket depending on the setup.

Reusable Food Huggers

Image: Amazon

Food waste represents up to 40% of the U.S. food supply, according to the USDA. These reusable products are designed to keep produce covered to help reduce spoilage. The food huggers come in multiple sizes to accommodate a wide range of produce.