Faster downloads and low latency from 5G will save hours of download time compared to 4G

Streaming music and videos, online gaming and surfing social media will be faster with the introduction of 5G.

How 5G will change life as we know it

The advent of 5G internet speeds means that consumers could save nearly one full day a month in download time, according to a new study from

The faster speeds for surfing social media, gaming online, streaming media, and downloading TV shows and movies will result in less time spent waiting for downloads. 5G, with its low latency, will be about 64 times faster than 4G.

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The amount of time saved will obviously vary with each individual user, but the average consumer, using 5G speeds instead of 4G, will be able to do the following:

  • Download an HD movie in just 6 seconds instead of 7 minutes
  • Save 2 minutes and 20 seconds a day on waiting for social media websites
  • Save more than three hours when downloading a Spotify library of up to 10,000 songs
  • Save about 23 hours per month across movies, TV, music, games, and social media

"There has been a lot of hype and build-up to the introduction of 5G internet speeds. We looked at the average time people spend on social media, gaming, listening to music, and downloading movies, and how much time the average consumer could save using 5G speeds instead of current speeds," said Victoria Merinda, community manager for "5G internet is set to make everything a lot faster. HD movies will be able to be downloaded almost instantly. Downloading games and music will be significantly faster. Basically, 5G could save us all a lot of time, since we won't have to wait on lag times, and we'll be able to use the internet way faster."


Businesses will also benefit from 5G, because all connections will be faster and allow the enterprise to utilize smart technology more effectively than before.

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"This could increase productivity among businesses as they'll be able to do more without having to wait for loading times. It's hard to predict exactly how 5G will affect businesses, but like any jump in internet speeds, we believe it could lead to increase productivity and opportunities," Merinda said.

One of the reasons the report was created was to help consumers better understand what 5G is and what it means, she said.

"Internet speeds will be the biggest difference between using 5G and 4G internet. Social media will load faster (especially videos), it'll be faster to download movies and music, and gaming will be significantly easier. No matter who you are, 5G internet speeds will change your online experience. 5G will make internet on your smartphone similar to a home wifi connection, which means a lot of us will have to stop stressing and searching for free Wi-Fi while out and about," she said.

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