Google revealed the Play Store’s top apps of 2017 this week, sorting apps for Android into categories like Most Entertaining and Best Hidden Gem.

The apps “made our lives easier, our downtime more fulfilling, and our moments online more connected to others,” according to the reveal page.

While some categories, like Best for Kids, don’t pertain to business and tech leaders, others like Best Daily Helper can benefit enterprise users. The apps can help boost productivity or make it easier to create content for social media.

Here are the top apps with an enterprise angle within the best Android apps of 2017.

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Category: Best Daily Helper

What Google says: “This visually compelling note-taker makes checking off to-dos a pleasure. Create audio, image, text, sketch, or checklist notes — then pinch them into stacks, which you can arrange in customizable notebooks.”

What TechRepublic says: A note-taking app is always helpful for business users, whether to jot down meeting notes or make that day’s to-do list. This option allows users to add layers to their notes with audio or images.

2. Clarity Money

Category: Best Daily Helper

What Google says: “This sleek financial tool will help you keep tabs on your spending — and find new ways to save. Make sure you’re tracking towards your budget and savings goals, and even identify (and cancel) unwanted subscriptions.”

What TechRepublic says: For business leaders working on their personal budgeting skills, Clarity could be helpful. Its ability to spot and cancel forgotten subscriptions may also make it a beneficial tool.

3. Tandem: Find Language Exchange Partners Worldwide

Category: Best Social

What Google says: “Connect with native speakers of other languages around the world and find a partner in learning. You can hone your skills through text and audio conversation with other students, or even invest in a video chat tutor.”

What TechRepublic says: Global business leaders working to learn or brush up on a foreign language may find this helpful.

4. Slack

Category: Best Social

What Google says: “The chat and collaboration app that’s taken offices by storm continues to streamline business. You can now use Slack for cross-company communications — a huge time-saver for distributed teams.”

What TechRepublic says: For teams using Slack for communication, this is a no-brainer.

5. notin – notes in notification

Category: Best Hidden Gem

What Google says: “Notes for the minimalist: They live only in your notifications, and disappear with a swipe.”

What TechRepublic says: This may be a quick to-do list option. Business users can create a note for each to-do item, and swipe it away once it’s complete.

6. SpotAngels: Find Parking & Avoid Tickets

Category: Best Hidden Gem

What Google says: “Like Waze for parking: Avoid tickets and help others do the same by sharing info on street cleaning, tow-away zones, and more. Plus, never forget where you parked — and get notifications before your meter’s up.”

What TechRepublic says: This could help avoid tickets or parking struggles when business leaders head to a new area for a meeting or conference.

7. PicsArt Animator: Gif & Video

Category: Most Entertaining

What Google says: “Animation for everyone: Create cartoon videos, GIFs from doodle-adorned photos, and even emojify yourself. Keep it simple, or explore advanced features like multi-layering and voiceovers.”

What TechRepublic says: PicsArt Animator could help create content for an organization’s social media accounts, or it could be used to make something to liven up a presentation.

8. Anchor – Podcast & Radio

Category: Most Entertaining

What Google says: “A platform for new voices — including yours. Easily broadcast your own show, and get your audio fix with bite-size news roundups, user-created podcasts, and interactive radio shows.”

What TechRepublic says: Looking for another way to promote content? Expanding into audio may be an option, and this app could help.

9. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Category: Most Entertaining

What Google says: “The latest addition to Adobe’s mobile suite offers a seamless experience for novice and professional illustrators alike: helpful onboarding, customizable tools, and integration with the Behance community and Creative Cloud.”

What TechRepublic says: For illustrators, this mobile option could help with working on the go.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Google named its top Play Store apps of 2017 this week, considering design and how they make life easier for users.
  2. The apps were separated into categories, including Best for Kids, Most Entertaining, and Best Daily Helper.
  3. While none of the categories focused specifically on enterprise use, many of the apps could be beneficial for business leaders to improve content creation and productivity.