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Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s innovations keep coming, as just days after a collaboration with Qualcomm went public, HPE has also announced the company is getting into the private 5G space. As part of the venture, HPE said they were “bringing together cellular and Wi-Fi for private networking in enterprise, industrial and public sector use cases” per a press release.

HPE in the release said that pre-integrated with its as-a-service offering, HPE GreenLake, that the private 5G solution can be deployed quickly and flexibly as a service in tandem with GreenLake as enterprises continue to prioritize digital safety and security. HPE’s private 5G offering is also purported to be easily usable in both 5G and Wi-Fi networks across campuses and industrial environments. HPE’s private 5G solution has also been pre-integrated with 5G radio access network (RAN) solutions from leading vendors for providing customers with end-to-end 5G network deployments, according to the company’s announcement.

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“Data growth is creating countless new opportunities across many industries, but superfast, stable and secure connectivity is essential to enable these digital experiences,” said Tom Craig, VP and general manager of HPE’s Communications Technology Group. “With our leadership in both enterprise and cellular connectivity, HPE is the perfect partner to help customers deploy private networks that are future proofed for today’s data-first reality. Together, HPE’s private 5G solution and Aruba Wi-Fi technology promises a complete private networking solution that helps to optimize the working environment, as well as giving telcos new opportunities to grow their enterprise business.”

The private 5G solution is based on the HPE 5G Core Stack, an open, cloud-native and container-based network solution. The Core Stack, according to HPE, has been upgraded for new capabilities such as modular operation and automation, an enterprise self-service portal, agile configuration and change management. The Core Stack is a fully featured standalone 5G core network solution that is cloud-native and multi-vendor by design. The automated operations will be run through the HPE Service Director, a product for model driven fulfillment. The Service Director product boasts a self-service portal for enterprise users, as well as an advanced portal for service provider administrators to help simplify operations for both customers and telecommunications operators.

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The new private 5G offering is also designed to support different deployment models based on the needs of its users. In cases of sensitive or remote operations, low-latency and high-performance are key in areas such as military application or the movement of oil and gas. In these applications, the solution can be distributed in a hybrid cloud with user plane functions hosted at the edge and control plane functions hosted in the cloud.

In public sector usage, the private 5G solution together with Aruba wireless technologies enables telecommunications and enterprises to extend coverage with private cellular networking, with a focus on seamlessly integrating across 5G and Wi-Fi.