Visual Basic for Applications (VBA for short) is a handy way to automate Microsoft Office tasks and is a favorite of many Word and Excel power users. And although VBA is installed by default, accessing the Visual Basic Editor (VBE), through which you’ll enter your VBA code, doesn’t automatically appear in the Ribbon.

Never fear, you can add it to the Ribbon by enabling the Developer tab. From within an Office application, such Word 2016 or Excel 2016:

  1. Click File
  2. Click Options
  3. Click Customize Ribbon
  4. Under the list of Main Tabs, select Developer
  5. Click OK

The Developer tab will now appear on the Ribbon and from it you can open the Visual Basic Editor.

If opening the Developer tab and clicking a button is a little too much work, you can also open the editor with the keyboard shortcut Alt+F11, which works whether the Developer tab is enabled or not.

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