How to find your old jump lists after the latest Windows 10 Update

A recent Windows 10 Update changed the right-click behavior of the taskbar for many applications. Your old taskbar jump lists are still there, just not in the same location.


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I am a Microsoft Windows 10 taskbar person. In a nutshell, a taskbar person—and there are more of us than you might think—uses the Windows 10 taskbar as their primary source of navigation on the desktop. Taskbar people tend to have very few shortcut icons on their desktop and instead rely on the ability to right-click icons on the taskbar and use the jump list that is subsequently displayed to load applications or specific websites. It's simple, efficient, and clean—or at least it was.

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A recent Windows 10 Update changed the right-click behavior of the taskbar for many applications. The most annoying of these changes have been applied to web browsers. Until recently, taskbar people would attach websites to their web browser icons on the taskbar and forego the favorites list contained in the application. But that doesn't work the same way anymore. It's an unfortunate turn of events.

The good news for taskbar people is that your well-crafted list of jump list links is not gone—they have just been moved to a new location on the Start Menu. I don't have an explanation of why they were moved, but I can show you how to find them.

How to find your lost taskbar jump lists in Windows 10

To clarify what we mean by Windows 10 taskbar jump lists, check out Figure A. That long list of links displayed when you right-click the Word icon in the taskbar is called a jump list. This 2016 article, Windows 10 hack: How to beef up your jump lists to show more pinned items, explains how to edit the Windows Registry file to expand that list.
Figure A


Figure A

Word, Excel, and the rest of the Office 365 applications still support the taskbar jump list feature, but the behavior has been modified for web browsers like Chrome and Edge. After the most recent Windows 10 Update, previously existing jump lists are no longer displayed when you right-click on their respective icons located on the taskbar (Figure B).

Figure B


Figure B

In Chrome, for example, the old taskbar jump list can now be found by opening the Start Menu and right clicking the Chrome tile located there (Figure C).

Figure C


Figure C

Before the Windows 10 Update, you could drag a website shortcut to the Chrome or Edge icon located on the Windows 10 taskbar and the system would add that link to your jump list--that behavior has been lost. Now, to add items to your web browser jump list on the Windows 10 taskbar, you have to pin an item already listed on the most visited or recently closed list. While those lists are useful in their own way, they don't always contain links to sites that are worthy of a pin.

Help find a solution to lost taskbar jump lists

This change in the Windows 10 taskbar behavior strikes me as odd. It may very well be occurring in error—admittedly, I have not conducted much research into this  yet. If members of the TechRepublic community have not experienced this behavior—if your taskbar jump lists are just fine after the most recent Windows 10 Update--we would like to hear about it.

More importantly, if you have noticed this change in Windows 10 taskbar behavior and have a solution that will allow taskbar people to reestablish their taskbar jump lists, please share it with the community in the discussion below or by sending me a message. Whether it involves a complicated Windows Registry tweak or a simple change to a configuration setting, all us taskbar people would appreciate the help.

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