If you’re looking for a new job as a software developer in 2021 it can definitely help to have a leg up on the competition. There are plenty of ways to improve your hiring chances: Certifications, coding interview prep programs, and a good resume, to name a few.

It can also help to know exactly what hiring managers are looking for in a developer, which is where these hiring kits from TechRepublic Premium come in handy: They’re an inside look into the qualifications and criteria companies look for in potential employees. Each kit contains a sample job description and posting, and most importantly sample interview questions (with answers). These kits can also help employers streamline what they need to look for in job candidates.

Hiring Kit: .Net Developer

.Net developers must have a deep understanding of Microsoft’s .Net framework, SQL, and other programming languages that may need to be integrated into .Net applications. If you know what CTS, CLR, and CLS are, can explain the differences between the Stack and the Heap, and if you’re comfortable with deadlines and cross-functional teams then you’re already prepared for this career path.

Hiring Kit: Game Developer

The gaming industry has taken off since COVID-19 lockdowns have forced people to seek entertainment at home. Game devs are developers just like any other, but they also need to be good at understanding and interpreting the visual, spatial, and auditory elements that make games different from other types of software. Full-cycle development experiences, 3D rendering and animation training, and skills in building libraries and APIs are part of the skillset companies are looking for in their game developers.

Hiring Kit: Android Developer

Android is the operating system on which three-quarters of the world’s smartphones operate, so it’s no surprise that Android devs are in high demand. Tight OEM control over hardware and vastly varying specs on Android devices mean an Android dev needs to be flexible and have a deep understanding of how the Android OS operates. Other important skills include data security best practices, experiences with Java, C++, and RESTful APIs, as well as UI/UX knowledge to best integrate Android apps with the rest of the OS. 

Hiring Kit: CRM Developer

CRM platforms, like Salesforce, HubSpot, and others, are all about using vast amounts of data to attract, retain, and satisfy customers. CRM developers face the daunting task of building software that leverages the features of the CRM their organization works with, so platform experience is an important part of knowing which job to apply for. Other skills aspiring CRM devs should build include integrating existing systems into CRMs; working knowledge of SQL, .NET, and JavaScript; and personal experience working with various software applications (there should be enough of these for a list). 

Hiring Kit: Back End Developer

A good back-end developer’s work will go completely unnoticed as it supports both internal and external user-facing applications. Back-end dev positions are looking for people with knowledge of server-side processes and how they link to front-end interfaces as well as experience in CMS frameworks, API development, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and core web-enabling technologies like AWS and Azure, among other capabilities. 

Hiring Kit: Python Developer

Python is one of the most popular programming languages currently in use, but its ubiquity and general-purpose nature mean that companies are likely looking for Python devs who fit a specific project type. That said, look out for postings that want specific skills along with working knowledge of Python, like experience with certain IDEs, different Python implementations, and knowledge of common third-party APIs.