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Hide My Email is a new feature introduced in iOS/iPadOS 15 designed to help you stay more private online. Available with iCloud+, this feature is an improved version of the existing Sign in with Apple service that lets you use an anonymous Apple ID to register with certain apps and websites. But Sign in with Apple works only with supported apps and sites, while Hide My Email lets you use a random email address for any website. Here’s how it works.

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First, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid iCloud subscription if you haven’t already already done so. You’ll also need to update your device to iOS/iPadOS 15 or higher if you’re still running an older version.

Next, go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad. Tap your name at the top of the screen, select the entry for iCloud, and then tap Hide My Email (Figure A).

Figure A

If you’re already used the Sign in with Apple option, you’ll see a list of the random email addresses you’ve generated in the past. To use one of these addresses for a new online account, tap it. At the details screen for that address, make sure it’s still forwarding to your actual email address. If not, turn on the switch to do so. You can now use that address with any new accounts for which you want to remain anonymous (Figure B).

Figure B

If no existing addresses are available or you wish to create a new address, tap the link for Create New Address. The Hide My Email screen creates a new random address. If you’d like to try a different address, tap the link for Use Different Address. Keep tapping that link to see a different address. The app cycles through three random addresses each time you try it, so you’ll need to pick one of them. When you find an address you want to use, type a name for it in the Label field. Add a note if you wish. Tap Next and then tap Done (Figure C).

Figure C

You can now use that address for any website or app that requires you to register. Any email sent to that random address will be forwarded to your regular address. To deactivate that address, return to the Hide My Email screen and tap on the address. At the details screen, tap the link for Deactivate Email Address and confirm the deactivation (Figure D).

Figure D